So busy!

The last two days have been busy from the support point of view. Why does it always do a ‘London Bus’? No calls and then three or four come at once!

Starting with Terry yesterday evening who suddenly announced he needed his laptop installing, then an on-going email problem in Hindhead, Inter Sport in Seaford, Simon at LBS and then Americal Lady and her printer.

Up and out early with my ‘getting up’ alarm sounding as we were half way down the Promontory. Ursula was already there as she got up at 05:00! Letting Princess off was not a good idea as she went off to annoy some FreeLoaders camping on the west side. Ursula went to investigate, Princess came back so I put her and Luis back on the lead. I’d hoped to do as yesterday and just have Obi on the long lunge. Near the end of the walk, I tried to let off Princess and Luis again. Princess went straight off to bark at the FreeLoaders accompanied by Luis. I went to investigate this time, saw that there must have been FreeLoaders, and doubled back to stop them all going to join in. I gathered up the seven I could find knowing that Ursula would have Heidi and Minnie. Charlie knows his own way back anyway.

I have charged up the E-Collars so Princess and Luis will have some lessons in not running off and barking at people. It’s always the same story; Princess and Luis go off to bark at something then others, namely Fido, will go to join in.

American Lady, who was brought up in Delaware, called just after 08:00 and we tried to get her elderly HP printer to talk to her spanking new Windows 10 computer. I had a feeling there would be problems but felt she needed to experience it for herself. Downloading the software took a fair time as her Internet connection appeared not to be as quick as she thought. It was all a waste of time since the printer is too old and must be costing a fortune in cartridges if she prints as much as she says. I sent an email with some suggestions for a replacement. She can work it out from there.

Terry’s wonderful new Windows 10 S laptop only allows software to be installed from the Windows Store so I was not even able to connect to it. I have suggested we reinstall a fresh Windows 10 Pro getting rid of all the clutter manufacturers stuff onto a new machine.  Terry had a hospital appointment so couldn’t hang around.

My Hindhead email problem is waiting on the provider’s support team to answer my email from yesterday morning. Emails do not appear to be a priority for them.

Antonis dropped off some wire mesh so that I can finally Luis-proof the van gate. Luis gets over-excited and tends to take it out on the insect screen. I have carefully measured and cable-tied this strong wire mesh to the gate which will hopefully prevent Luis from taking out his frustrations on the insect screen.

The weather was warm with a high of 31.8C although there is quite a stiff breeze from the south and west. The upshot of this is that the sea is running up the beach and making its presence felt with all that waves-crashing-on-the-beach-business. I cannot avoid hearing it from here so those on the southern camping fence will be without any doubt. I used to get used to it when I was down there and hardly heard it after a while.



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