Voyage of discovery

Ursula escaped from the camping to go solo-shopping in Paleochora. Tony was having a little siesta following his lunch, so she took the opportunity. Both Heidi and Minnie were there to protect Tony from any marauders. Ursula discovered the existence of chia seeds and Quinoa in Petrakis supermarket in Paleochora. This is very good news as both items are considered as super foods as they provide important nutrients and are incredibly adaptable. I hope to despatch Antonis to Petrakis to bring me supplies and not have to bother getting stuff from Chania.

Our morning walk began early for me although Ursula was so fast asleep that Tony had to wake her to tell her the alarm was going. Usually, she is up and out before it sounds. As an added bonus, she only snoozed the alarm so it went off again when she’d popped out to the loo! The other happy campers must have been delighted.

We had breakfast together with Minnie and Heidi tied to the shady tree near the cabin. I’d already been back to put Oskar into his house for barking. Luis, I had pre-emptively put into the large cage as I know he is incapable of remaining silent and sets off the others. We had water melon and grapes with some Spawn which I followed with the remainder of the jar of jam. I left Minnie to keep Heidi company and I understand they had a visit from Micky who provided some light entertainment.

I had some support work to do and continued removing many games installed on Simon’s laptop by his ‘children’. I also had the task of telling him that the data file for his accounts software was over a year old so he appears to have lost a year’s work. He only revises these particular accounts every six months which is why it has taken so long for him to notice.

Maria appeared bearing two packages from China: two hose pistols for watering and spraying annoying dogs and a DIY clock kit as I had so much fun building the last one. Sadly the first clock as developed a fault in the display, probably due to poor soldering, so needs to be dismantled and checked out. This new clock has a much bigger display with 105 LEDs. I’m awaiting the arrival of a finer and much hotter soldering iron so will not do any more electronics work until the new iron arrives.

I just got called away to the office as the WiFi was not working. It was merely a matter of pressing the button on the router as doubtless someone had been fiddling with it. Whilst there, a German guy came to ask for the bus times for Elafonissi. Olivia was on reception duty and speaks some English, however, she was reluctant to prevent me from taking the enquiry. The guy turned out to be my neighbour, whom I’d seen from afar but not spoken to. I connected him to the WiFi at reception and suggested he download the bus timetable. I also told him that walking to Elafonissi and back in a day is not impossible as it is around 11km. We walked back from reception together and I showed him inside the compound.

The dogs are now in bed so silence reigns at least within the compound. I suspect both Maria and Georgia are in Chania which is why Olivia is on reception. There are no lights in Georgia’s house and the dogs are barking more than usual.

Ursula tells me the restaurant and bar may remain open for the next ten days at which point both will close for the winter. I still do not recall so many customers on the camping at this time of year.

It’s time for some food and a glass of something…


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