A bit late again tonight

German Guy, whose name is Marvin, as in Paranoid Android, the chap I was talking to at the office about going to Elafonissi today, didn’t go there today. His girlfriend/partner/significant-other was not feeling so well so they decided to go tomorrow. Except that I may have talked them out of it. Why would I do this? For them, having to rely on public transport or walking, I’m not sure that they wouldn’t be disappointed. I suggested they might decide not to go if they are in any doubt. Perhaps better to go on a nice walk in the mountains if it’s not too hot or spend some time on the Promontory. No cost and right on the doorstep.

They told me they went shopping in the supermarket, which is just up the road from the camping. They had heavy bags so wouldn’t have been upset if someone had offered them a lift. The bus stopped so they got on and the driver wanted €3.70 for the short run to Grammeno. They asked to get off and he wouldn’t stop so he got very abusive when they wouldn’t pay. I felt that wasn’t so good for tourism and they should report it. We had an interesting chat but it was dark and I needed to feed the dogs. They were being reasonably well behaved but wanted their supper. The dogs that is, not the German Couple.

The moon is getting smaller and is further to the east each morning. Still plenty of light to see all around but in a few days, it will be a different story. We were out for a good amount of time and all except Minnie and Obi were free. Princess and Luis had E-Collars and Luis was ever so well behaved. Princess went off but there was no barking AND she came back. Charlie didn’t come back but he will follow the crowd and come of his own accord. He puts himself to bed in the evenings. I was looking for him everywhere only to find he was all tucked up in the back of the house waiting for his good night biscuits and bowl of water. It’s a tough life being a dog here.

I wandered down to see Ursula and get some cuttings from the vines which grow over the shading where they are. Charlie was with Heidi all day as Ursula took him after the morning walk. I have added a couple of vine cuttings to my collection and disposed of the Bougainvillaea cutting which was dying. At the moment, three Bougainvillaea cuttings seem to be doing well. The best time for vine cuttings is winter, so if these don’t work I’ll have another go in a couple of months. I went to the neighbours with a chair and a whip to train their Triffid to go up the pole.

I contacted LDC about the Council Tax payments and the final notice they served on me. I pointed out that I’d tried to contact the department through their website but was informed the website was being upgraded and there might have been inconsistencies. Apparently, the estate agents usually notify the council when properties change hands but not on this occasion. I wondered why the council contacted me at Fitzroy without writing to the flat first. They have closed my payment account and deleted my address from their database. Hopefully, this will be the last I hear from them. Interesting that the new owner failed to get in touch with the council.

Olivia was on duty at reception and the camping dogs were noisy last night and today. Seems that Georgia and Maria may have gone home for a couple of days.

The bar’s not that busy this evening

It’s past 10 pm so I need to get some food.


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