Calm and warm as we set off for our walk. The get-up alarm sounded as we walked across the field, east of the van, and I found myself in exactly the same location as the previous day when the one-minute alarm finished. If I’d attempted to organise that, it would have been impossible. Ursula and Heidi were already ensconced at the end of the Promontory. I was surprised that the dogs didn’t try to drag me up there more quickly. Usually, they find the scent and race off, noses to the ground. Apparently, Fido was the first to arrive, supplanting Charlie as number one arrival dog.

We sat at the end in the darkness until eventually, light crept over the horizon to enable us to see a little more of the landscape. Boris wore himself out getting Ursula to throw his ball. The others played and ran around. At around 07:10 we started back, clipped them all onto their leads before returning to the camping for tea.

Ursula produced fruit salad and I arrived with Spawn and rusks along with Princess who was elected to remain with Heidi for the day. Heidi didn’t seem too enamoured at Princess’ arrival so Princess took herself off as far as her line would allow her. A German couple, brothers, who had been walking in Crete for a week, were camped near to Château McGeorge. We asked them if they might like a dog but they politely declined. They were headed back to Chania with their hire car as they needed to make arrangements for it to be left at Iraklion from where they were flying back to Germany. Unfortunately, there are not so many direct flights to Chania as Sascha has explained. They often involve a stop-over in somewhere exotic such as Salzburg or Athens, for a few hours.

After breakfast, Ursula and Tony decided to go shopping, so I took Princess back. I then received a support call from someone at EG saying the website was not working correctly. The website is not really my responsibility as I am certainly no web developer. I logged onto the console to discover that the site appeared to be being bombarded with requests. Someone was playing naughty games and trying to bring the site down. They succeeded as it was getting very difficult to see any pages as the processor was fully engaged in trying to serve loads of bogus page requests. I got around the problem by rebooting the virtual server and taking it offline. I have now discovered how to set up a couple of automated alarms which will email me if a similar situation develops in the future.

Tony and Ursula returned, so I went to take Princess back to them after their shopping expedition. Princess declined the offer so I took Pea instead. Walking down by the kitchens I encountered Marvin and partner, reading at one of the tables. It was too windy for the beach they said.

Pea met up with Five, who appears to have become a little aggressive. He was not so certain of her, so hid behind my legs whilst I petted Five and Mickie. Tony and Pea seemed to be getting on well as I left to go back to my servers and attackers.

The server now looks as though it is no longer under attack and my alerts will warn me before the situation becomes difficult. Browsing the Web I found that the Apple Golden Master IOS 11 operating system is now available from their Beta testing website. I have downloaded this for my iPhone and will do the remainder of my iDevices later tonight when there is more Internet bandwidth available. The iPhone is having its tenth birthday so, as well as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, there is now the iPhone X (as in ten) – the tenth-anniversary model. It looks quite interesting and it will be available from UK Apple stores in November.

Tony and Ursula just left after a cup of tea and I am going to theirs for an interesting curry once I have put the dogs to bed and done Dave. No hanging around chatting today!

Today’s top temperature is 31.8C and it has been windy with gusts to 41km/h (25 mp/h)

Saturday is Ursula’s birthday so I’m sure there will be fireworks and celebrations all over Crete. Or we might just go out to lunch at Anydri.

More people at the bar including someone who appears to have red hair or a Woolley hat!


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