Happy Birthday Ursula!

Ursula has her birthday today so we went to Anydri for a very pleasant meal. I had lentils and spinach, which was very tasty. We also had a Greek salad, with feta on the side, and they gave us grapes for dessert.

Lau, Dutch Guy, who was here until May, has returned from his trip home for the summer. He does not like the summer heat in Crete nor the associated tourists, so disappears back to Amsterdam. He has collected his huge satellite dish which has been stashed under the rear of my van during his absence and has set up everything ready for the motorsport tonight and the cycling tomorrow. You may have guessed that he enjoys watching sports on TV. He will probably stay here until May if he can get the right deal from Georgia. He’s a nice chap and sometimes helps with the dogs. He keeps them quiet when I go out.

Suddenly the camping is busy again. Marvin and partner are off tomorrow to spend a night in Chania before returning to Iraklion for their flight home in a couple of days. A Greek family with a dog have moved to the place near me where the Italians with the Big Brown Dog were until yesterday. I suspect they will stay only until tomorrow as they have school-age children. Ursula reports that they have new neighbours in the tents adjacent to Château McGeorge. Maybe there will be sufficient custom to sustain the bar and the restaurant for a while longer.

I have the feeling I may be going down with something terminal. Tomorrow I shall know more but today I have a sore throat which might herald the beginning of a cold. Tourists bringing their germs and infecting all around I should imagine.

I shall shortly retire to bed with my germs.


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