Early to bed…

…early to rise as the saying goes. I wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic last night as I had a sore throat so went to bed around 21:30. There is a noisy dog in the camping nearby so I was woken again before midnight. My lot were quiet but the others were not. Then Boris began his silly whimpering at 04:00 but I was awake by then anyway. I finally got up at 05:18 so was a little behind from the previous day.

Due to the noisy dog, which had been barking on-and-off through the night, it would have been impossible for me to have taken the dogs out for their walk via the camping. I managed to sneak out to give Dave his tablet, under cover of darkness. The animal is down with its family by the BBQ area as I write, and still periodically barking. It would appear that they are either all stone deaf or incompetent at keeping him under control.

With very little moon, I needed a torch: Ursula and Heidi had already beaten us to the end of the Promontory. A car was leaving the Grammeno Beach car park as we came across the field at around 05:35 and Ursula reported two other cars loitering in the car park. I come out via the Private Entrance across the field to the stony beach but for Ursula and Heidi, it’s quicker to slip out through the camping gate onto the beach. Consequently, they have a different view of the car park. Consequently too, I didn’t let Luis and Princess off to avoid any squeaking and squawking on a Sunday morning. It was a wise move, as it turned out since the Bulgarian chap who collects salt appeared just as we were packing up to leave. Princess has a particular thing for him and he and I have already exchanged words. He gave a cheery wave as he appeared this morning though.

On the subject of salt, I have not seen Kostas (AKA Salt Man) recently, nor have we seen fresh tyre tracks in the sand out to the end of the Promontory. I will inquire.

The German couple, Marvin and his girlfriend, left today to go to Chania. I chatted to them about their stay. The only negative comment they had about their stay was that the kitchens are not up to standard especially when the camping is busy. Which it wasn’t. They stayed for one week having planned to stay for two nights only. They thanked me for the information I gave them and said they could well return next year.

After tea and some fruit salad for breakfast, I came back to let Luis out of the anti-barking cage and to clean Dave’s eye. Then the day seemed to disappear into a Black Hole and before I knew it, I was having an Al Fresco shower and texting Ursula to see if she wanted tea. Due to some internal difficulties, they had lunch at the camping restaurant later than expected so I was surprised to hear they were still munching. She and Heidi came for tea whilst Tony had a bit of a rest following the exertion of his late lunch.

Ursula went back with Heidi and I went off to take Dave and Obi, having watered the plants. I’m now being eaten by mosquitoes so will retire inside to reduce the Quinoa mountain and get something to eat. It is not going to be difficult to eat more of the curried quinoa.

Ursula is now €100 richer having sold her old iPhone to Antonis who has just come to give me the money and pick up the phone.

Noisy Dog is still barking. What are these people like? If I can keep ten of them quiet, can’t they manage to stop one from barking?


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