One Hundred Degrees!

I am prone to exaggeration, as anyone who knows me may testify. However, today, the temperature reached 100° Fahrenheit, not Celsius, of course. If I wrote that it was 37.6°C, those who know only rods, poles and perches would be unimpressed. The exaggeration is that 37.6C is, in fact, only 99.68F, so not quite 100°.

I got my own back on the people who, I suspect, left their dogs by their motorhome whilst they went for a yummy meal in a local restaurant. I reported that there was the sound of barking dogs from the Grammeno carpark yesterday evening. I was sitting outside on the decking to ensure there were no replies from my lot. Georgia’s dogs were already doing a great job. Eventually, all was quiet and we were able to settle down for the night.

Up at 05:11 this morning according to the big digits of my present alarm clock and out on the road before my get-up alarm was awake. To find a large motorhome parked by the Pebbly Beach. There has been a succession of motorhomes parked there for weeks but this one was the largest I have seen since last summer. As I approached with the dogs, a couple of other dogs appeared from around the side of the van. I guessed there might be something afoot, so I had my dog zapper ready to hand. As you might expect, there was a certain amount of barking which successfully woke the inhabitants of the vehicle. I’m sure they must have been delighted to have been woken up slightly before 05:30 to the sound of barking dogs. There is no such barking this evening so they may have left. But at least I had the ability to cause them a little inconvenience.

There was a complete absence of moon so quite dark. The next useful moon to us will be 5 October when the full moon will set at 06:38. Without the moon we can admire the stars better and anyway, your eyes get used to the darkness and it gets light eventually.

I’d been soaking some black-eyed beans since yesterday together with some lentils. I’d planned to cook them yesterday but Ursula suggested I eat the remainder of the Quinoa Mountain. Maybe next time she might cook a little less. Today I cooked the beans and lentils to eat this evening. Ursula went to Vlisidis to get some shopping for herself and Tony and kindly offered to bring back some for me. She got me some onions and garlic as well as spinach for tomorrow. The simple bean salad has transmogrified into something more elaborate: there is a lot of it so I will eat some tonight and keep the remainder until Thursday so I can do the spinach tomorrow with brown rice. Even I get a bit bored with eating the same food several days in a row. I also have tomatoes, olives, courgettes and toursi so I can eat some raw food to break it up. The aim is to try to do more with beans and lentils to make up for the lack of dairy.

Anne, Tony and Ursula’s friend, is due to fly out to stay at Grammeno in the next week. She is flying Ryan air so is concerned that the flight cancellations may affect her arrangements. As far as we know, Ryan Air only has one flight to Souda Airport each day so hopefully, she will not be inconvenienced. Anne will be staying next door to Tony and Ursula in Σ1.

We are not totally devoid of doggy annoyance as there is now a group of Greeks camping in the centre section on the other side of the road near to me. They have their dog with them and it is noisy. I knew they were there by the racket they were making setting up their tents. Someone seems to make an attempt to stop the dog from barking but it is generally ineffectual. I discovered this when I wandered innocently past with Dave and Obi. Fortunately, we have the Private Entrance so can go out without disturbing anyone. I feel sure their dog will be sleeping outside the tent.

It was hot today but now we have a southwesterly wind which has lowered the temperature. This will give us the opportunity of a good night’s sleep as last night was completely still. The ten-day forecast was warning of the possibility of rain but now appears to have changed its mind. Tomorrow is supposed to be around 30C.

Time for some beans!


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