OK, so you might not call 22C at 20:15 cool but I do. Not cool enough to make me want to go into the van but cool enough to think about closing the large rear window. The kitchen window is open anyway because it needs a repair and is currently residing in the storeroom.

The customers who were camping nearby with their dog have now left and, as far as I can see, apart from Lau and I, there is no one in the top part of the camping. Most are concentrated by the fence by the beach. The restaurant and bar are still functioning, however, I suspect their days are seriously numbered.

Tony and Ursula ate at Château McGeorge earlier, so the restaurant and bar have even been deprived of their custom. Maria was sitting in reception watching the TV when I walked past a few minutes ago. I’m reliably informed that she was taking out the rubbish and cleaning the bathrooms earlier. More customers left than arrived today.

Mikhalis was not in work today but I think he was taking his pickup for its mechanical test as there was a lot of cleaning and tyre-changing going on for most of yesterday. There are four, large, 4×4 wheels and tyres leaning against the wall of the workshop. Not inconvenient to me as I can go out with the dogs via the Private Entrance. The Grammeno Ferrari is parked under the tree out of the way. Hopefully, there will be no desire to clear rubbish from the workshop and storeroom leaving a pile of clutter outside my gate for the whole winter. In any event, Georgia told me I could put the Ferrari wherever I wished if it was in my way.

Our morning walk was uneventful and enjoyable. The dogs were less crazy than yesterday but more lively as it’s cooler. I was very glad to be wearing a hoodie and even put the hood up at one stage due to the strength of the wind. The forecast for the next ten days is beginning to show a higher probability of rain and lower temperatures. At this time of the year, the weather can be unsettled so I have little confidence in long-range predictions.

I cleared up around Dave’s house in the storeroom earlier, decanted the remains of his special diet into a smaller container and removed some of the clutter. All the food is either in a container or off the ground as I didn’t want Dave to be helping himself to a late supper. I then carried a load of rubbish to the bins situated by the road outside of the camping.

Ursula made the most of the cooler weather by doing some washing and cooking some food. She had surplus spinach so gave some to me to augment what remains from last night. Tonight is the other half of the beans from Tuesday and tomorrow will see the end of the spinach and rice. The latter worked out ok but I managed to forget the lemon Ursula so kindly brought for me as well as putting in some olive oil.

It is now getting cooler so I would need to be wearing another garment if I was going to be sitting out here for much longer. The next thing I shall do is close the van rear window.


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