The bar was empty

As Dave, Obi and I walked by the Grammeno Bar, on an extended Dave walk, there was only the barman present. He had his head firmly stuck into something so probably didn’t even notice anyone pass. We continued east along Grammeno beach, past Cedar Bay Villas and Ammos Beach Bar to the car park. There we turned left passing the Stony Beach Kantina where we turned left into the field to go back to the camping. Dave began to stop a few times but I’m uncertain if it was due to fatigue or not know where he was going. We got back and I put him into the storeroom.

Ursula helped feed the dogs again this evening so we were all done in record time. She went off to find Tony and I took Dave and Obi. Maria didn’t get a visit this evening. My supper is on the cooker heating up as tonight is the remains of the rice and spinach from Wednesday. A mysterious visitor had also left some wine during my absence.

I woke in the night to see that the clock at the foot of my bed was not working. I suspected that one of the dogs had disturbed the cable which was not very cleverly routed where they tend to go. Fortunately, I had my iPad with me so was able to find out the time. Unfortunately, the weather station was not working as that is plugged into the same supply. This necessitated getting out of bed to plug in the cable which runs from the dashboard. All of this was taking place in darkness at about 04:00. I managed to get back to sleep but was awake by 05:00. I stayed in bed a little while longer but finally decided to get up at 05:10 thinking I might be able to beat Ursula to the end of the Promontory. Alas I was mistaken as she was ahead of me as we walked down the Promontory. I could see her head torch lighting the way as she avoided the various rocks and dips on the eastern path to the end.

I let off some of mine and the remainder seemed more interested in sniffing every blade of grass and shrub rather than get on with the job of making it to the end of the Promontory where they would be released. They romped and played as usual and we chatted and looked at the stars and dawn sky as usual.

Going back past Ammos and the Stony Beach Kantina, we could see that many of the sun beds had been stacked up and this evening only Grammeno Bar was open. The change in the weather has precipitated the end of season pack-up and soon some of the local restaurants will also start to close. I cannot foresee Grammeno Bar or Restaurant remaining open much past the end of this weekend.

Mikhalis was at work again today and busied himself with bringing in a load of palm leaves into the storeroom. These are dried out during the winter ready for the next season. They are used to thatch the roof and side shading all over the camping. Mikhalis’ brother, Xanthippos is still to be found at the camping, only for dog-walking duties though.

Today’s high is 29.3C although the temperature now is only 22.8C. The strong westerly wind is making it cold. I have closed two windows and the large roof vent. Autumn is definitely here!

My spinach and rice is hot so I think now is a good time to eat it.

My thanks to the wine fairy!



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