Horrible, Green, Venomous Snake

They’re back!

The silent, smaller, Czech motorhome has been parked opposite the Pebble Beach Kantina most of the week. The people with the huge motorhome, who were disturbed from their slumbers early the other morning, are back. There was no sound from within or without as we passed by this morning: their dogs must have been inside. However, we returned around 07:25 to find one dog being exercised on the nearby beach and the other attached at the rear of the vehicle. Naturally, there was plenty of barking and I made an imperceptible attempt to reduce it. The second wave followed with Ursula, so great fun was had by all!

I was at the end of the Promontory first this morning as Ursula failed to wake until the alarm. I was up at 05:15 so, despite some holdups caused by missing clothes and misplaced Pea Lead, I was in the field by 05:25 or near offer. For some reason, I either did not hear my alarm sound or it has accidentally been silenced. Ursula was hot on my heels, something to do with having slightly fewer dogs to marshall although I suspect she ran the entire length of the Promontory in an attempt to catch-up. I had no torch on as I was able to see enough in the reflected light from the stars and lights but the dogs ran off when they saw a head torch approaching. Heidi soon appeared in front of me and the others returned once they had greeted Ursula.

Another moonless beautiful sky to enjoy as we looked forward to the eventual colour show of the dawn sky. The sea had a few rollers but was much more constrained than the day before. The dogs were having one of those Mad Days when they rush about all over the place. Oscar and Heidi were given another ball to themselves to stop them from teasing Boris by half-inching his. They played for a while but I could see in the gloom that the ball had been abandoned. No point in trying to find it in the darkness, and I didn’t want to wander about looking with a torch, so I decided to return before we left, to have a look in daylight.

We moved to the higher, sandy location once there was sufficient light to see where we were going, and the dogs continued their games. Wherever I went, I found myself tickling Princess’ tummy or Charlie or Obi or Minnie. Minnie, the largest, other than Boris, just loves to try to sit on my lap. I feel certain she has at least twelve legs and each one is poked into a soft and delicate part of my anatomy which she finds without fail. Added to all the licking with her ten-metre tongue and it’s no wonder I walk them in my designer dog-walking clothes each morning.

It was nearly time to go back so I tied Obi to a nearby tree root and left him with Ursula and Minnie. I wandered back to the end of the Promontory in search of the lost ball. Only Boris and Pea accompanied me. The remainder spent the time racing back and forth between the two locations chasing each other. The ball found, I recovered Obi, and we started to get them together for the return leg.

Horrible, Green, Venomous Snake

Following a yummy breakfast with Ursula and Tony, I came back to check my emails and wash up my dishes before my weekly phone call. Meanwhile, Ursula, in her role of Personal Shopper, went into Paleochora on a shopping expedition which included a visit to the chemist for alcohol and needles for Dave, and to the hardware store for a replacement hosepipe for me. I now have a Horrible, Green, Venomous Snake wending its way from the tap manifold to the south fence and I am able to water outside the gate as well as the SDC and Boris Compounds. The previous hose had fallen victim to excessive pressure at an early age developing a nasty aneurysm where it takes the most punishment. It is now too stretched to take a connector so needs to be repurposed.

Dave is now walked and we visited Maria briefly. She had to rush off to deal with something but had time to tell me that Georgia is going on holiday next week. Apparently, she is planning a two-week holiday abroad! Maria has to teach a couple of lessons during that time and asked me if I would be around to deal with any customers. Mikhalis is still working but speaks next to no English. I have actually stated that I’m ok with looking after the camping during the winter anyway.

Tony and Ursula have departed for Paleochora to collect hypodermics for Dave from the chemist. They will also be visiting a café no doubt for an ice cream or similar.

The camping has customers again this weekend as can be seen from the additional cars in the car park. They will probably only stay one night so it will be quiet again tomorrow.


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