Busy Sunday Afternoon

Maria was pleased to see Dave, Obi and I when we went past the office. She was shuffling paperwork and going through bills, but more treading water than being productive. No one is likely to wish to leave at this time of night and few are likely to arrive. I suggested that she leave soon and get a life. Whereupon a customer turned up requesting something from the small shop.

Earlier, Maria and Olivia had come to the workshop to check the water heater. I was in the shower at the time so the dogs were barking madly as it was later in the day. Maria asked if I’d turned on the electric immersion heater for the solar water heaters and I replied that, since three of the locks had been changed, I no longer had access. If she wanted me to be effective whist she was away, she’s need to replace the keys in my set. That water in the main bathroom was warm enough but the kitchen and bar use the water from the storeroom heater so are at it every day. It was cloudy this afternoon so the water would soon run out.

The huge van was still present and parked near the stony beach when we went out this morning. Ursula beat me to the end of the Promontory again even though I was well on my way at 05:30. The dogs didn’t bark on the way out and we decided to return through the camping. We were spotted by Five who gave the alarm which made all the other dogs bark. Dogs would bark whichever way we went so it was simply a matter of who should be woken up. It was approaching 07:30 by this time so they should be getting up anyway. After all, we’d been up for over two hours. What do these people want: they come here on holiday and expect to laze around all Sunday in bed?? The barking wasn’t that bad anyway.

The walk itself was good although someone was somewhere on the Promontory. I cannot see the fascination to be camping there in the latter part of September. We intend to restart the evening walks tomorrow as the weather is now cooler, there are few people on the beach and hopefully, the large van will disappear.

I’ve made some changes to the blog website which you might have noticed. I have also updated one of the weather websites to a more recent version. The guy who designed the site is a bit miffed as someone was reselling his weather site for money and some users were being rather demanding about support. The software is free to everyone so should not be sold for money even a part of a service. People are so thoughtless when others spend hours of their time to design something, then offer it for free with free support. He no longer [officially] provides support although I see that he will answer questions and help people on the weather forums. Talking with Jachim, the Czech guy who provides the other site, he tells me that people are sometimes very unpleasant even though he is giving the software and support for free. Jachim asks for donations but the majority give him very little or nothing at all but then expect him to help them and supply free updates.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 20.38.31
The revised weather website

You can see a live version of this here.

The weather was cool this morning and Ursula had her woolly on and off. I can hear Dave digging in his metal-based house so he is either hot, cold or confused. I am still outside but will shortly go inside. As you can see from the image, today’s high is 29.3C and the low 19.1C. This was accompanied by a northerly wind and a cloudy sky later on. Autumn is approaching for sure.

I need something to eat so I’m calling it a day.



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