Monday morning rush

Why do people want to do things first thing Monday mornings and last thing Friday afternoons? This morning has been busy as I have been trying to multitask even though I am male. I was back from breakfast with U&T in good time for office opening time in UK so managed to have some contemplation time before the first request of the day. It started off with Laura who does website things for EG about an on-going certificate error when certain pages are accessed. I knew I was having a delivery from Aliexpress today so wanted to be sure that I had any collection dockets before Ursula left for Paleochora. As it turned out, only Ursula got a docket as three items for me were delivered by the postman. I received my soldering kit, so I can build my new clock. My fitness watch so I can see that I’m not sitting around too much and taking enough exercise at the appropriate intervals. And some wireless headphones for Antonis as his cat ate the first pair. Ursula was sitting by their cabin when I presented her with the docket and shortly after, she, Tony and Heidi set off for Paleochora.

Then there was a call from Mr Laurance but that was only a quick one. This was followed by a couple of other queries which were also quite small.

But I wanted to play with my new toys and set up my fitness monitor. All these disturbances were most unwelcome on a Monday morning. You may be pleased to learn that I have now succeeded in setting up my fitness monitor and that initial impressions are good. I have just used it for the first time in earnest and can say that it appears to be functioning as expected. We went on our first evening walk on the Promontory since the beginning of the summer season. Four were on the lead due to a suspected person which turned out to be some stones balanced one on top of the other on top of a volcanic rock. From a distance, and without scale, it looked like a man standing admiring the view. We only discovered this when we were walking back. I took eight onto the rocks and Ursula walked around with Obi as she’s not up for scrambling over rocks. Interestingly, Heidi continued with the others over the rocks rather than walk around with Ursula. It only goes to show how important habit and programming are. It only dawned on her half-way that she was on her own but went racing off to Ursula when she saw her at the end of the rocky bit. We were conscious that Xanthippos would be walking Georgia’s dogs so didn’t wish to meet him head-on. I need to let him know that we are walking in the evenings again to find out what is the earliest he leaves. As it turned out, we were alone on the Promontory as we were in the morning. It will be interesting to see how responsive they are in the morning after two walks today.

Ursula and I have been dividing the feeding and bedtime duties so that I get a bit of a break from doing it every day on my own. With two of us, we can get the job done quickly, get a cup of tea and an evening walk in, and finish at a decent time.

At 20:15, it’s properly dark and starting to become a little chilly. This morning, Boris was whining at 04:00 so I eventually got out of bed to see what his problem was. I thought perhaps he might be cold but he was lying in his excavation. I got him to go into his house but he simply came out again. Then I picked up a blanket from the storeroom and put it in his house. Boris went in, and I went back to bed. Not much point really as we’d be getting up soon. Later, I found Boris back in his excavation but at least he was quiet!

Today’s high is 29.6C and the low 18.2C, so hardly cold. There was a little wind earlier but that has died down. Some alerts on Blitzortung warn of distant thunderstorms however these are unlikely to affect us. They are mostly over the mainland and Italy. There were some anvil-shaped clouds to the west as we walked back but these are only developing. The forecast predicts only 25% chance of rain in the night.

Europe overview of lightning strikes
Southeast Mediterranean around Crete and southern Greece

I need to get a shower as it was too windy for Al Fresco earlier. Hopefully, all the customers haven’t squandered the water.


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