Anne arrived today!

Alone on the walk this morning, I sat for a while on the western rocks at the end of the Promontory enjoying the sound of the waves against the rocks and the gentle westerly wind on my face. It was not cold but I wouldn’t have wanted it any cooler. Some of the dogs sat with me whilst others busied themselves with important tasks amongst the rock pools and boulders.

Once it became a little lighter, I moved the dogs up onto the high rocks above the lagoon where it’s possible to sit to watch the light slowly creep towards the horizon. Four dogs were attached to me as I felt we’d had sufficient barking and racket the previous day. The others mostly stood or sat with us anyway. Next, we moved to the sandy area above the lagoon where they engaged in a bit of rough and tumble. Luis and Princess were off the lead by this time. Meanwhile, I occupied myself throwing Boris’ ball.

Back to the camping for breakfast and the normal routine of the day. Matthew had sent me some photos of the Shepherd’s Hut loo so I got on with building some more pages for his website. Progress was not quite as speedy as I would have wished. I distracted myself with the washing which had been in the bowl since Monday! I took it to the sink by the loos for rinsing and then used the water for my particularly disgusting dog-walking shorts and fleece.

Tony and Ursula picked Anne up from Souda Airport when she arrived this afternoon. They had spent the night at Omalos so were about one hour’s drive from the airport. When they arrived back we went for lunch at Houmas restaurant where we had a very good meal.

It was great to see Anne again as she has not been to Crete since last year.  This time she has the cabin next to T&U so now they are neighbours. To my surprise, both Anne and Ursula came for tea. Anne felt that coming for the evening dog walk might be a bit too much as she had little or no sleep during the night as she was up early to get to the airport.

Ursula and I took the dogs on a lead walk to the end of the Promontory as there were still plenty of people on the beach and on the Promontory. I took the six dogs with me over the rocks whilst Ursula went round with hers. We brought them back and fed them between us. I then took Dave and Obi for the evening plant-water and stroll. I noticed a familiar form as I was walking up the camping and could see that Steffie was outside her van. We had a brief chat before I went on to walk Dave and Obi.

The day flew by for me. Engrossed in my Web pages.

The top temperature is 30.1C with a minimum of 17.7C at 06:20.


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