No supper for Boris!

First again this morning thanks to Boris waking me up at 04:00 with his whimpering. Quite quiet whimpering but whimpering enough to wake me from a light sleep. Repositioning the hose to the edge of the decking and a whispered telling-off helped. He remained quiet enough added to the fact that I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed again to squirt him.

We were at the end of the Promontory well before 05:30; Ursula and Heidi appeared fairly soon after. Luis was particularly annoying today so he might have to stay on the lead a little longer tomorrow morning so we can enjoy some peace and quiet. Princess also had her moments however Luis was certainly chef de l’orchestre. Other than Luis’ musical accompaniment, the walk was straightforward and we managed to return with the same number we set off with.

A voice over the fence later was that of Juergen who popped in on his way to take his cat to the vet to be neutered. You may recall me talking about a cat injured at the camping and him travelling to Chania to see the vet I now see with Dave. This time he was going to see Georgia Loufardaki in Voukolies: the vet that did the passports for Fido, Luis and the other two: the first puppies found on the beach. She was particularly helpful sending me suitable papers to placate the port police who were being so difficult at Patras.

Juergen was telling me of his first summer in Gavdos. He and his wife have been on Gavdos since last autumn so are beginning to get the hang of it now. He told me that summer is the time one takes to the hills as the place is full of tourists and it’s hot day and night. He managed to find a deserted building, high up on the island which he will rent for next summer. He mentioned that it is very difficult to find accommodation for long lets as they are oners are mostly interested in short summer lets which bring in the most income. Other than that, he can confirm that Gavdos is a desolate place for the remainder of the year, just what he is looking for. He also commented on the amount of wind and the fact that the trees stand mainly at a 45° angle and all lean the same direction.

I considered Gavdos at one point but felt that it would be too busy in summer and a little too desolate the rest of the year. There are also the logistical problems of shipping stuff from the mainland via the ferry which does not sail in poor weather.

This afternoon we went to Anydri for a meal. Anne has a series of quests for her visit which include finding accommodation for a trip next autumn and some visits. These include some of her old haunts: Anydri restaurant, The Third Eye restaurant and Asogyres up in the mountains above Paleochora.

The meal was excellent as usual. I ate [Gemista] tomato and pepper stuffed with a mixture of rice and other goodies. Like many dishes in Greece it came with yogourt, however, the server was vegan and happy to veganise my order as well as have the Greek salad served with feta on the side. Anne and Tony were very happy with this arrangement as they were able to share the feta between them. I removed the oily fetta plate which had been inconsiderately placed in front of Ursula. Not only had she foregone feta she was also deprived of mopping up the oil which had been poured over it. The meal ended with grapes but sadly the server ‘forgot’ to bring the raki which would normally be served with it.

Back at Grammeno, the dogs were making a terrible racket as we got out of the car but hopefully, this had not disturbed too many people.

Around 18:00, Ursula and I took them out for their evening walk. But alas, there were still people around both on the Promontory and Grammeno beach. So it was leads all the way. Anne met us on the return leg and walked back in through the Private Entrance. Ursula shared the feeding so we were able to get them fed and in bed before it got dark. Result!

All except Boris who decided to growl at Ursula as she tried to give him his bowl of food. She tried again a little later but he hadn’t got the message that this was unacceptable behaviour. If he doesn’t change his tune when Ursula presents it to him again tomorrow, he’s going to get pretty hungry.


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