The carpet tiles are now down

Ursula did it again and got to the end of the Promontory before me even though my alarm was set for 05:15. She heard the sound of Princess darting around exercising her high-pitched little bark. A little reminiscent for an echo sounder in some respects. Still no moon for a few days so darkness prevailed. It was periodically shattered by flashes of lightning from three separate storms. One to the south out to sea, one to the west out to sea and the last one, the other side of the mountains. Initially, there were no rumbles and Ursula had a quick look at her phone to see where they were using the Blitzortung app. We stayed out for an hour before the thunder began. Followed by a sudden strong wind. At this point, we decided to abandon the walk and head back to the camping in case of a heavy downpour.

As it turned out, there were only a few drops of rain all day and every storm passed us by. Back early and ahead of the game, we were done with breakfast by 10:00. Anne wanted to continue her search for somewhere to stay next September although it is not that easy since many people come, stay and book the same period the following year. We’d agreed to tick off another of Anne’s goals and visit The Third Eye restaurant in the centre of Paleochora.

I wanted to get the sun blockers down and to put up the awning tent as the weather is turning cooler and windier. I spent the morning taking down and putting up. This is not the definitive putting up as I want to change some things. But it will do for the next couple of months until it starts to get colder and windier.

Lunch at The Third Eys was as good as expected. I had Red Thai Curry and we had one of their special salads veganised with the dressing and the cheese on the side. Anne and Tony were suitably happy but I got tony’s rice in exchange and some of Anne’s vegetables too. After the meal, Anne and Tony wanted coffee so Ursula and I left Heidi and went to Petrakis for some groceries. I bought mostly fruit and nuts and a couple of onions.

Back at the camping, I put down the carpet tiles as you can see from the photo below. The tiles are very comfortable to walk on and are a good colour to hide the dirt. They can be vacuumed to remove the inevitable dog hairs. Hopefully, the awning tent will be warmer in winter as the carpet will prevent air from blowing up through the gaps between the boards

The new carpet tiles down in the awning tent

Anne and Ursula came for tea and to walk the dogs. There was a surprising number of people on the Promontory seeing as it is windy and not so warm. They both felt the tiles were an improvement to the awning tent.

Ursula helped to feed the dogs and I took Obi and Dave to see Maria in reception. She informs me there are no more than twenty people on the camping. The restaurant and bar are not that busy and everyone looks a bit chilly.




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