Despite being in bed before 22:00, I still didn’t wake up until 05:15 with my fitness tracker trying to shake my wrist off. Determined to beat Ursula to the point, I got quickly out of bed and gathered the troops. No hitches on the way out and we made a good pace as we crossed the field behind Cedar Bay Villas. Anyone getting up to go to the loo in the villas might wonder why there is a light travelling across the field at that time of the morning. As we crossed the car park I saw, from the corner of my eye, a light approaching across the beach from the camping. Obviously, it was Ursula as who else would be out walking their dog at this time of the morning? She let me go first so I strode off into the distance to the letting-off point.

Down at the end of the Promontory, the stars were shining brightly, and the sky was clear; unlike yesterday. All bar Obi and Minnie were off as there are still sufficient customers in the camping that Obi charging around barking might cause a nuisance. That said, in Georgia’s absence, her dogs are doing a grand job at making a racket! With the help of Mickey and Five loose in the camping, it’s more difficult to keep my lot quiet during the day. I don’t lose much sleep over it as, after all, it’s their dogs running free causing the problem.

Back to the camping for tea. Ursula then went to prepare the traditional fruit salad for breakfast. I fed the dogs and dealt with Dave’s eye. Then some breakfast with Ursula, Anne and Tony, who soon went off for a swim followed by an extended shower. We were joined briefly by Maria who discovered the delights of soaked chia seeds as well as rusks, homemade jam and Tahini. She pointed out that she had managed to leave her packet of cigarettes in the office for over one-and-a-half hours as part of her giving-up-smoking campaign. Watch this space!!

My weekly phone call was later than usual due to an important visit to Waitrose. The usual shopping day was missed due to a visit to the Faulkners in Lincolnshire. The weather in Lewes was better than Grammeno for once as it was raining here yet sunny there. The rain lasted only a short while and didn’t even register on the weather station. Soon the decking was dry and the dogs were back out in the sun. Luis was testing out the new carpet as he snored gently in the warmth struggling through the clouds.

Ursula went shopping and created another curry masterpiece with Quinoa and curry paste. There were vegetables fried just enough to remain crunchy. If anyone had room, there was her latest experiment with the vegan chocolate cake cooked in the Air Fryer. It looked a bit interesting but it tasted very good.

Well stuffed, I sat a while in the warm sunshine before going back to read the Riot Act and bang a few heads together. The presence of Five nearby and that of Mickey might have explained the amount of barking and carrying-on. Nevertheless, there are customers in the camping so one has to make an effort. Even if the customers have Small Creatures which are prone to the occasional eruption of their own.

The present customers are mostly young couples with Small or Very Small Children. The sort who don’t go to school, allowing family holidays when prices are lower as well as temperatures. From what I can make out, most of these families are from Germany.

I bumped into Mikhalis who informed me that it would be his last day today as he has been laid-off for the winter. I thought he would be one of the last to go, not one of the first. The bar staff are still with us and I believe the kitchen is still functioning with reduced personnel. The chef has not been seen by me for a couple of weeks so I suspect his contract ended at the end of August.

Ursula and Heidi appeared at 18:00 so we took the dogs for their evening walk on the promontory. Only one car was parked in the car park when we arrived and that may have belonged to the fisherman standing on the rocks at the tip of the Promontory. We decided to relocate to the high sandy area letting off a few of the less deranged of the dogs. In the distance, I spotted Xanthippos walking Georgia’s dogs so we put ours back on the lead and watched to see where he was going. Finally, he re-emerged from the north end of the Promontory before disappearing again briefly. We eventually spotted him on the beach walking briskly towards the gates of the camping. We set off back towards the car park, as time was marching on.

The dogs were fed as quickly as possible since darkness was already upon us due to the dullness of the day. I took Obi and Dave for the evening potter however the chair in the office was empty as we passed by. Maria was probably somewhere in the camping dealing with an important matter.

Boris has decided it is cool enough to go back into his house as this is the second night he has forsaken his hole in the sand for the comfort of Château Boris.



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