It seemed like a good idea

No noises from Boris until 05:15. He can’t have heard my alarm as the audible one does not go off until 05:30 when we are usually well on our way. My vibrating watch alarm alerted me that it was time to wake up even though I was already awake. He maybe has a clock in his house. I shall have to check that out.

More pyrotechnics this morning but way off into the distance towards Libya. I could see the flashes lighting up the sky as we walked down the Promontory towards the point. As usual, Ursula got there before me: I’m convinced she sleeps there all night! We watched the lightning and played with the dogs. The dogs played with each other and eventually, it got lighter. Sunrise is now 07:20 so it’s just coming up as we get back after the walk. In another month, the clocks will go back so the mornings will be lighter. Not that it will make a scrap of difference to the dogs as they don’t adjust their watches for Daylight Saving.

Breakfast together but Maria declined to join us today. It seemed strange not to have Mikhalis’ truck arrive at the camping this morning. You could always tell when he came in as all the dogs would bark. One less entertainment for them too, unfortunately.

Following a slightly cloudy spell, the sun agreed to join us and it has been shining for most of the day. The temperature in the awning tent began to rise despite the door and one window being wide open. At one point I looked up to see that the fabric was beginning to lift on the carpet tiles. Then I noticed the foam bases bulging up and distorting. The adhesive had melted and the fabric was coming unstuck. Where the sun had tracked across the tiles, the fabric was parting from the base. I searched the Internet and landed on the main maker’s site where I managed to find the tiles. There is also an EU site so they sell the same items all over the EU. Another thing was that the price on the manufacturer’s site was £10 per pack cheaper than Argos. I bought eight packs so £80 cheaper than Argos. And free delivery in the UK. So much for Argos being a value store.

A quick chat on the Argos website and I am able to return them for a full refund. That’s if Tony and Ursula are up for taking them all the way back to the UK.

I did some other odd jobs around the place and have been for a shower in the main bathroom as it’s too windy for an Al Fresco shower especially now that the water is cooler since the sun is weaker.

Last night I closed the large rear window and the side rear window. I expect they will no be open again until next year. I need to fix the kitchen window to make it so that it closes properly. I also need to paint the van roof before the winter to be sure of no leaks.

Ursula and I took all bar Charlie, Dave and Boris out on the Promontory for a lead walk as there were too many cars in the car park to let them go. Charlie was left behind as he sneaked out into the main compound when Obi and Fido came into the SDC. I gave him two opportunities to come back into the SDC and, each time, he wanted to be clever and took himself off elsewhere. Consequently, he was left behind when the others had their walk.

It was a little windy but the sky was clear and the sun still bright. No sign of Xanthippos although he was coming back with Georgia’s dogs at 19:30 so we need to keep our eyes peeled for him.

It was meat night but, between us, we managed to feed them and do Dave quite quickly so they were all in bed before it was dark and Ursula was able to return to her guest and to Tony. I’m not sure what excitement they have planned for this evening but it will need to be something which takes place inside as it’s too chilly to be outside I think.

Today’s high is 29.1C and the low 20.1C. Not bad for the time of year. I would not have wanted to have been without my light windproof rain jacket this morning.




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