Summer again?

The night was peaceful and warm with only a limited Boris Serenade before getting up time. The French went to bed early as they were going to be up and off around 08:00 as is their habit. Off for another day of shaking their brains out as they plough along dusty Cretan tracks. It takes all sorts.

Another relaxing morning in bed until 05:30 but pleased to see the moon has at last decided to stay up a little later in the morning to provide us with a bit more light. The moonlight glistening on the surface of the sea was particularly attractive as it was calm with only occasional strong gusts.

The usual doggy ragging about and ball-chasing on the part of Boris. Today he didn’t manage to lose it too often and Heidi and Oskar didn’t take it from him many times.

Back to Grammeno for tea and then breakfast together before spending a little time with Ursula’s neighbours and their black dog which is a Lab-Shepherd mix. They came to see my compound and all the dogs. Hopefully, they may be able to find some potential adopters. One of whom might be a daughter. They have been coming to Grammeno for several years but now find it easier thanks to their motorhome which they purchased with a small legacy.

We decided to visit Anydri again for another most enjoyable meal. There was not a whole load of vegan options today, however, I enjoyed a very pleasant chickpea and spinach casserole. Tony excelled by only offering a small piece of his food to Heidi and managed to clear all of his plate and a big lump of cheesecake!

We stopped by Petrakis for a few items on the return journey where I managed to pick up some nuts, goji berries and rusks. Goji berries are nice to eat and very good for you. Chuck a handful in your breakfast or nibble a few when you feel peckish. Petrakis has a good dried fruit and nut section and it’s not too expensive. They also have quinoa and usually chia seeds, although they were out of chia today.

Just after 18:00, Ursula and I took the dogs, except Luis, for their evening walk. Luis and Charlie decided to escape into the main compound but Charlie remembered that he missed the walk when he did that last time. He came back into the SDC when invited. Luis, meanwhile, felt it better to be amusing and not come back in so was left behind with Boris and Dave. Luis was under-impressed, to say the least! Maybe he’ll remember next time but this is Luis we’re talking about!

There were people on the beaches so the dogs had only a quick walk around the Promontory on the lead. Feeding and Dave were done and dusted before it was dark and Maria was not in the office so the evening perambulation was quite speedy.

The weather was very warm and sunny today and I went out this evening in only shorts and a polo shirt. I needed a fleece once the sun went down though. Today’s high is 29.4C and the low 20.6C. Tomorrow shows the possibility of showers in the morning with rain on Saturday. If that comes to pass, I can see the camping emptying and the restaurant close for the winter.

Full Moon tonight!



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