This is not a holiday

Day two of my ‘holiday’ started bright and early as I was up before the lark and off to park over by Homebase as I followed Eleanor off the drive as she left for work. Straight to Cook and Mike’s office to setup the new Dell server. Not a difficult job as Windows Server 2016 was pre-installed, so merely a matter of plug-and-play. I plugged in the box to find it didn’t initially fire up. The problem was the mains socket so simply a matter of unplugging something else to get things working.

Once it was up and running, I cleared some desk space on a spare bit of bench and set it up. Only problem being the distance to the router so a longer cable was required. Not much was happening in the store across the road so I sat and ate something for breakfast before going in search of a cable. Ray was still stringing racquets and we exchanged greetings. No long cables to be found so I wandered up to see if I could acquire one from Clive. Denise was surprised to see me as I entered the corridor. Clive, all suited-up for a funeral, looked uncharacteristicly formal.

After a coffee and chat I continued up the hill towards LBS. Denise told me they had been to Côte restaurant so I decided to pass by to check what was on the menu for that day. Typical French-style cuisine could hardly be described as vegan-friendly however then manager presented me with the vegetarian menu with dishes which could be veganised. From Côte to Barbican House and a quick look at the Town Model which is still where I left it. The guy on the desk helpfully offered to show me a copy of an interesting book on the making of the model. I replied that I knew the author and already had a copy. Refusing a complimentary visit to the castle, I continued on to LBS where Simon was waiting following a breakfast meeting. We chatted and then ordered a replacement UPS. I left following a maternal call about luncheon arrangements.

I picked up the car and parked in Greyfriars car park. There was plenty of activity when I arrived at the parental abode due to a missing front door key. We decided to leave for the restaurant as parking could have been problematic. Côte was busy and I had a brief chat with Anne who was eating with some of her chronies. The servers were attentive and I chose Puy lentils which were very reminiscent of faques. The meal was very pleasant and followed on my part by a lime sorbet.

Back to Greyfriars to be sure of being there for the arrival of Chris bearing birthday presents and Terry’s laptop. Maxine, mother’s hairdresser appeared so it was all go for a moment. I disappeared to try to get a replacement flat key and a longer network cable from Argos which now looks in dire need of a facelift. Cable installed and abortive visit to the shoe repairer as the key blank is a special.

Back to Greyfriars to download Windows 10 Pro and then off to Glebe Close where Eleanor, Helen and Martyn were having supper. We chatted and I ran into problems with the dreaded laptop. Eventually I went to bed and managed to sleep until 05:30 (BST). A welcome email form Apple confirmed my MacBook is ready for collection. I wonder if the vegan food cart will have something for me next visit?


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