Up and off to Hindhead after some breakfast and a quick visit to Screwfix for a punchdown tool for Rodney’s telephone points. A soggy and grey trip to see Jo in Crossways Road under an forbidding sky.

Jo was looking good and we spent the morning drinking coffee and chatting in her sitting room. Later, I shorted through her garment store to see what would fit me.  Jo was disappointed that I took only three items but I explained that there is a limit to the number of fleeces I can wear on the plane. A magnificent  lunch at a very pleasant restaurant in the countryside near Hindhead golf course and then back for the the tour of Jo’s lovely garden.

We chatted some more but unfortunately my whistle-stop UK Tour meant I had to depart to see Rodney and Andrea. Jo presented me with a very generous checque to help look after her god dogs and the other inmates at the Grammeno Dog Sanctuary. Thank you so much Jo!

I found the house almost without reference to a satnav. Rodney showed me round and I could not believe the progress he has made to the house! He has worked solidly, seven days a week, for the past years. To earn money by Day and advance the house by night. The quality of the workmanship is simply amazing and I can’t wait to see the finished project.

Andrea had prepared a vegan meal which she and I enjoyed whilst Rodney vainly tried to work his way through twelve meatballs and pasta! Andrea told me she’s making an honest man of Rodney on December 8th and the girls are looking forward to the day. I hope the sun shines upon them from that day onwards.

We finished the house tour and dealt with a couple of technical matters however time was marching on and I had an hour-and-a-half drive back to Lewes. I arrived back at Glebe Close just after midnight following an uneventful journey.

A long but most enjoyable day. It was great to visit Hindhead and to see everyone.


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