So much to do!

Blog posted and out of bed for some breakfast. Helen, Pooh and Del left for Southampton as Del was collecting a car from Alcatraz. Helen and Pooh headed further west.

I went to LBS to finish off the UPS installation after collecting my MacBook from Apple in Brighton. My Exercise Ring was complète quickly after the walk from Glebe Close to the railway station and Brighton station to Churchill Square and back.

From LBS to Costa for coffee with Ed and Soph saying goodbye to Simon and Andrew on the way.

Back to Glebe Close with Soph to collect my former iPad and my car before a visit to InterSport Lewes.

On to Seaford to change UPS batteries and buy trainers.

Back to Greyfriars and another visit to IS Lewes to see Richard. Returning to Greyfriars, I backed up the broken iPad and transferred data to the replacement. We took some photos, cunningly, by using the Apple Watch with the iPhone balanced on a table.

On leaving Greyfriars the plan was to see Matthew however he wasn’t answering his phone so back to Glebe Close where I actually encountered Korean Russell. So he does exist!

Some text with Ursula to discus the forecast high winds whilst munching toast and setting off the smoke detector. At least we know the alarm still works.

Eleanor got back from working and we left Russell with his cooking as it was getting late. I fell into bed but was asleep before the end of the YouTube video I was watching.

The remainder of the day off I think


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