Back in sunny Κρητη

Antonis picked me up as promised and we had a pleasant drive back to Grammeno collecting a little bird on the way. The aforementioned was wandering lonely as a cloud in the middle of the road so Antonis picked it up to deposit it to a place of safety. At which point the small bird disappeared somewhere into the bowels of the car.

The doggies were pleased to see me, particularly Pea, who was quite overcome with excitement. There was a small, brief amount of barking which quickly subsided. Ursula had left me some food which I gladly ate. Thank you, Ursula!

Up at 05:30, comme d’habitude, to walk the dogs on the Promontory. The time appeared to pass quickly despite the cool and occasionally windy weather. Boris had declined to walk when Ursula took the others out so it was his first walk for a week. He was quite happy for Ursula to feed him, however. He ran after his ball with renewed vigour and spent most of the remainder of the day sleeping in his house. Sadly, Boris’ house now has a shorter period of direct sunlight so I may need to consider some alternative once the weather is cooler. The angle of the sun means it is blocked by the various trees to the south. Back to the camping for tea followed by dog feeding and breakfast for us.

The day was spent mostly catching up with emails and a little sleep. In the sun it was warm so I was down to shorts before long. The sun is still warm enough that you don’t want to sit out in it unprotected in the middle of the day.

Ursula appeared after 17:00 for some tea and then we took all dogs out including Boris since he has been so starved of walks recently. It has got progressively windy all day so it was even more apparent in the exposed locations at the end of the Promontory. For the first time for a long time, all the dogs were let off the lead. At this point in the year, there are very few punters on the camping so there is no problem if Obi and Minnie disappear off back to the camping to join their little fiends Micky and Five. I jogged my way back at the end of the walk in an attempt to close my exercise ring. My day of inactivity had not contributed much to my fitness. Boris was with Ursula but Luis managed to keep up despite his usual reluctance for activity.

Between us, we fed and exercised the dogs so managed to get finished reasonably quickly. I needed to reacquire Obi and Minnie who were at large in the camping. Both surrendered without too much ado.

The northeasterly wind is getting stronger so there is a great deal of flapping tent. The sail shade is helping to take much of the force from the wind as hoped. The maximum wind gust for today is 60.1km/h, the max temperature 28.4 with a minimum 9C lower.

The bar is now definitively closed but there are some cleaning tasks still in operation. There are very few customers on the camping: Tony and Ursula, a German couple and someone else I keep seeing about. There are some Albanians in the larger room at reception. I could see the TV on as I walked around with Dave and Obi.

My watch informs me that I need to go for an 18-minute walk in order to close my activity ring. Maybe I’ll take Obi for a little run so that I don’t have to be out for so long. Perhaps a nine-minute run will do it?

Obi and I went for a quick jog around the block to try to complete the exercise circle. The alert sounded as I walked out of the shower cubicle to signify completion. All circles are now closed for the day!


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