Stay away from Micky!

A longer night’s sleep as I was in bed by 22:00. Making up for the time changes and truncated night previously. Blustery and certainly not warm, we were out for two hours today. Boris still has plenty of enthusiasm for his ball but was not concerned about coming with us this evening.

The moon is down to the last little bit so there will be a wait until the beginning of December for anything decent at the right time for the morning walk. Somewhere around 8 December I should guess. There are still sufficient punters on the camping that they do not need waking up by Obi rampaging, so both he and Minnie are captives except in the evening. As it turned out, both of them returned immediately at the end of the evening walk. With tourists still on the main beach, only half of the dogs were allowed to roam free. Obi and Minnie amongst them. Ursula headed back with the lead group plus Heidi, who I picked up along the way. Leaving me to go along the rocks and up to the high sandy bit before jogging back in time to not meet up with Xanthippos and the camping dogs. What organisation!

In the distance, I heard Princess barking so guessed they had met up with Micky and/or Five. I arrived slightly later to find Micky and Heidi on the stony beach involved in something interesting amongst the stones. It was only later that I saw Micky up close and could make out the revolting substance all over his front an neck. He had been rolling so I hope Maria is aware before showering him with kisses in her usual fashion. Dave, Obi and I went on a longer walk this evening: out of the front gate and around the block, back in through the bar. One of my circles was incomplete however the slow Dave stroll was insufficient to close the circle.

Today has mostly been about installing the new server for Inter Sport although I made time for some little Dave excursions in the camping. Just back from the first one this morning, I received a phone call and had to go to the reception to take the money from a departing customer. Maria was in Paleochora but fortunately, the office was open and I have the key to the desk for the booking file. Maria arrived just as the customers were departing but they’d already paid and received their passport back.

It has been warm and sunny with a high of 28.6C. Still quite good for the time of year so I was again swanning around in only shorts once the day got going.

Tony and Ursula went off to Azogires with Heidi and also did some shopping in Paleochora. We are now consequently favoured with another culinary delight which awaits my delectation in a little while. I saw some of the preparations and it looks to be very nice.

Lots of bumping and humping in the adjacent storeroom as Mikhalis and A N Other lugged and stacked the camping furniture. I am determined that the area outside my gate remains unincumbered this winter so will be watching very closely that it is free from clutter.

It’s a lot less windy than yesterday evening which must be a bless for those camped right on the boundary with the beach.

Off to get a shower now and then the Ursula evening meal which I’m sure will be incredibly yummy!


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