Goodbye Minnie?

Only a vestige of a moon appeared in the sky at 06:00 on this cool October morning. Venus was already with us: shining brightly. It was a most impressive sky with the sun’s rays illuminating only 1% of the moon but with the outline of the disc easily visible. The New moon will be with us tomorrow around 22:00 and we should next see the moon in the morning on 3 November. The time change on October 29 shifts everything forward a little.

Near the end of the walk, Obi and Minnie were allowed free however Minnie had to be reacquired by Ursula when we got back to the camping. Both were present at the end of the evening walk.

Today has been another of those disappearing days. I spent a while progressing Inter Sport’s new servers and answering emails.

Marion and Dieter who took Malloy in May 2015 are interested in taking Minnie. I am very keen for Minnie to get adopted as she is a wonderful dog who is frustrated by being here as part of the mob. Marion asked after Minnie last summer and I sent some photos but things went no further. This time I think they are keen to take her so it’s a matter of getting her to them. They live near Hanover in Germany so it might be possible for her to be dropped off when Ursula, Tony and Heidi make their way back to UK in a week or so. Everything is still very much in the planning phase. All being well, Minnie should have a new home back with her sibling Malloy (AKA Benny).

This afternoon, we went for a meal at Anydri to the Old School restaurant at the head of the gorge. They were presentably busy with a goodly number of tourists. Most around us were French although there seemed to be a good mixture. The server made a good job with us making sure we had everything we needed including separating the feta from the salad. I definitely ate more than anyone else as I helped both Ursula and Tony with their meals. What a kind and considerate chap I can be.

Back at base, it was almost time to walk the dogs so we changed and set off towards the Promontory pretty smartly. Several cars littered the car park and bodies the beaches. We let nearly all the dogs off the lead regardless. We worked up an appetite for Wednesday Meat as well as the first dose of the thirty-day medication cycle.

Dave, Obi and I went for another wander around the block. Back in the camping, we chatted to a German couple from Berlin who are staying until Friday. Obi is a very good PR dog and managed to successfully push all of their buttons. They might come to see the dogs before they leave on Friday.

Today’s high is 27.6C, however, things are looking a little damp on Tuesday if the forecast is correct.

The morning was cooler as was the evening. If it buckets down next week as promised, it looks as though summer is officially over for this year.

Other news is that Anydri restaurant closes for the season on 29 October.

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