Goodbye Minnie (Updated)

The lovely Minnie woke me up around 03:00 barking in response to Micky’s bark from afar. Boris decided to whine later so received a cold shower from the hose. Blissful silence followed the dousing. I went back to sleep and slept through my alarm not waking up until 05:40! My arrival at the end of the Promontory was consequently delayed. Ursula was definitely there much earlier than me today. I had my iPad with me as I wanted Ursula to see the astronomy app. Over the past weeks, we have been looking at the stars and planets trying to work out the various constellations. With the app, it is much more straightforward as the stars in the app turn around as you view the sky. Being a little later today, there was not so much time before the sun’s rays started to blot out the weaker stars. Boris insisted on bringing his ball and putting it directly between Ursula’s feet each time. I was having to grovel in the dark to retrieve it in order to throw it and avoid Ursula falling flat on her face!

At around 07:00, we set off back down the Promontory in the direction of the camping. We tried an experiment today by letting the dogs run free to see if they would return to the SDC via the Private Entrance. Princess was making a lot of racket and I expected the whole lot of them to head into the camping. As it turned out, they mostly came onto the stony beach and gathered around for biscuits. Princess was still lagging behind and apparently found some disgustingly yummy item which she did not intend sharing with the others. One group followed me in, then Ursula stood as gatekeeper for the remainder. Princess remained outside and was eventually reacquired by Ursula in the camping. Only she was making a noise, barking at one of the customers. Minnie came up to me as I was giving Dave his food and jab, so I just let her into the main compound.

Wandering around with Dave, I found a lone German backpacker lurking outside reception awaiting the arrival of Maria who seemed to be nowhere in sight. Apparently, the guy had been told she would be at reception from 08:00. I took Dave back and returned armed with glasses and keys to the desk so that I could take the money and return the customer’s passport. I would not have kept his passport and simply taken the money the previous night allowing the customer to depart at leisure.

A further email from Marion and Dieter today confirmed that they will have Minnie. Now it’s a matter of getting Minnie to the vet for a Pet Passport and delivering her to them in Germany. Ursula has very kindly agreed to return to UK via Germany and they will work out between themselves where they will meet up to do the transfer.

I have been moving on with the new Inter Sport servers and a couple of other IT support matters.

Ursula and Tony went off to Paleochora for a meal and some shopping so returned Princess, who had spent the morning with them, to me. She was reasonably well behaved during the afternoon and stayed in the main compound with Obi and Fido.

At 17:00 we set off for the evening walk which was fairly uneventful. There was no wind and it was sunny and warm. All dogs were off except Princess and Luis who have a habit of finding someone then serenading them with continuous barking soon to be joined by all the others. Given there were a few hapless tourists on the beach, we didn’t allow them any scope for misconduct.

Boris also came for a second walk in the hope that he would not bother me in the morning with his whining. He was struggling to keep up on the way back so I decided to let him off the lead to find his own way. He eventually wandered in just behind Ursula and her gang.

We got on with the feeding and I went to do Dave. They were all in bed and tucked up before darkness fell so I was able to get off with Dave and Obi to water the plants next door and do a quick tour of the camping. Dave had a longer walk this morning: out onto the beach, along to Ammos bar and then back into the camping via the SDC. He seemed quite active today.

A lovely aroma has just wafted past. I thought to myself that someone must be about to enjoy a marvellous meal. It then dawned on me it was the food I was reheating over a bain marie. Some of what was left over from the other night, kindly donated by Ursula.


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