Boris Weather

Absolutely no moon today so Ursula was able to enjoy more time looking at the stars. Especially as I was up early due to Boris and his whining. A quick drench with the hose persuaded him to retire to his Boris mansion so that I could go back to sleep. As it turned out, I remained awake but still managed 6.5 hours sleep. I did a little catching up during the day.

The morning walk went according to plan with both Obi and Minnie being allowed off for the final part. Obi disappeared briefly to return soon after however, Minnie excelled herself by her failure to turn up at the end of the walk and remain absent for some while. She eventually appeared with Micky as we were having breakfast and both looked as though they’d had a good run in the sea.

Ursula and Tony with Heidi and Minnie, have gone off to Paleochora in search of the vet. I understand she was not present for her local surgery today and no one quite knows when she might be returning. Georgia, the vet, has her main office in Voukolies but also comes to Paleochora twice weekly. The next vet after Georgia is Stavros in Maleme. A lot further than Paleochora but with a well-equipped surgery in a central location. Heidi needs to see the vet to have her passport stamped for worms and Minnie just needs a microchip in the neck and a completely new passport. Minnie is not travelling to UK so doesn’t have to worry about the worms for that journey.

We have some special Boris Weather on the way:

Boris is a big fan of thunderstorms as it encourages him to go out in the rain and bark manically. The forecast has developed over the past couple of days with the period of rain and uncertainty extending continuously. We will doubtless know more as the weekend progresses. I need to treat my deck and check for roof leaks before the rain comes. The summer heat will not have been kind to either the roof or the rubber seals around the windscreen. Something for the weekend.

The poor weather will clear the camping of any tents although motorhomes should not be seriously affected. Heavy downpours saturate the ground causing flooding at the bottom of the camping. A certain amount of water might pass through my compound too.

The evening walk was extremely pleasant with plenty of sun and little wind. Not all were allowed to be free as there was a number of naturists enjoying the Promontory beaches. Obi was allowed free and returned at the end like a good boy. Minnie did well in the morning so remained coupled to Ursula for the duration. Boris didn’t come as he was hobbling by the end of yesterday’s evening walk however he and I went for a little run around the block for five minutes once all the others were in bed and the camping dogs exercised. Not a Cunning Plan to run into Xanthippos with those three with Boris. It could end badly.

He ran happily alongside me, his lead clipped by a karabiner to my belt. It was only a short run but hopefully enough to make him sleep through the night.

According to my watch, going around the block is 600m from the camping gates. My average heart rate was 142BPM and maximum 149BPM. The duration was 4:31 with 42 calories burned. I’m not certain this information is totally accurate as it is the first time I have used the dedicated exercise modules and I might not have set it going quite right. Maybe Boris and I will go for another little run tomorrow.

My statistics for today are completely out as my watch was on charge this morning when we went for the walk. Closing all of my circles is unlikely as it is now 19:52 and I really need a shower and something to eat.

Hopefully, the person who keeps firing a weapon nearby will cease and desist as it’s quite annoying and makes Fido bark excessively. Fido loves an excuse for a good bark!


Another quick run around the block with Obi closed the Exercise ring but the Move Ring is still only 70% complete so will not happen today.



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