Cloudy skies approaching

There is supposed to be a meteor event close to Orion’s head for a couple of days around now. Despite spending time gazing into the morning sky, I saw nothing more than one meteorite fizzling through the atmosphere to its extinction. Ursula saw more than me when I went off to reacquire Princess and Luis who had departed on a barkathon. Princess managed to stir up every dog in Kountoura, Grammeno and Paleochora by the time she’d finished and didn’t really need Luis’ help at all. They both ended the walk on leads as I felt sorry for all who were trying to sleep. Only the brave and the crazy spend their mornings walking dogs and star gazing.

We changed locations when the sky got lighter and meaningful gazing was no longer an option. The sky from up high looked fantastic but you need to be there to properly appreciate it. Other than Princess and Luis, the others were allowed to find their own way back to the SDC. Boris was beginning to run out of steam following all his ball-chasing. Obi reappeared from his brief visit to the Dark Side: into the camping to bark at something/someone. And even Minnie eventually wandered into the SDC of her own free will. Fido, Pea and Charlie were still at large but lurking in the shrubbery not far away. Pea’s barks confirmed that. Fido had found something incredibly yummy so was particularly unamused when I removed him to the SDC and it to obscurity. Pea was easy to capture and Charlie just came of his own accord. He’s a good boy and mostly knows what’s expected of him.

A wander with Dave to the office where Maria was in her counting house. We discussed breakfast and so I invited Maria on Ursula’s behalf. I soon received a text announcing the readiness of same so I departed to return Dave and grab some supplies. Maria duly appeared and we enjoyed the traditional fruit salad and bread breakfast. There were two figs which Maria ate since she has an uncontrollable propensity.

I spoke to the Swiss couple opposite who are leaving for home today, before the bad weather arrives. They were at Grammeno two years ago when I was in charge. They like Grammeno and plan to return, perhaps with family.

My Saturday telephone call and a bit of deck clearance at the same time. The decking needs cleaning and oiling before the Rainy Season, so now seems like a good time. I washed it off today and will treat it tomorrow. I don’t have a paint tray for the oil but I think there are a couple of discarded frying pans which will do the job.

So far, I have closed two of my circles but the Move one remains elusive. An 18-minute brisk walk I am informed will complete it however the Dave slow amble to the office and back is insufficient. I may take Obi for a five minute run around the block instead as I have a mere 20 calories of energy to burn before I can achieve my goals for today! I really know how to live!

Boris had cause to whine this morning as the temperature dropped to 15.2C and he’s getting soft in his old age. So am I for that matter! He now has his Smelly Boris Bed back so should now be content and silent. Maybe he’ll sleep more soundly without the need to whine. It’s been around 20C at night until recently.

Now for a little run I think…



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