Yes, all my circles!

Despite the comfy Smelly Boris Bed, I was awoken at 04:00 by whining. Yes, it wasn’t warm but no, it wasn’t cold. I let it go for a while then got up to tell him to shut up. About two minutes later he was at it again so out with the hose. Silence but I was awake so no more sleep for me.

It was much cooler when we went out just after 05:30. Despite a fleece and a coat, my legs could tell it was not summer. The dogs seemed quite immobile although Luis and Fido disappeared to the same location as Princess the day before, and made a lot of noise. Princess was unable to join them as she was attached to me with Obi.

I left them with Ursula and went to reacquire Luis and Fido. I have no idea who or what they were barking at but I was not best pleased with the noise they were creating. Reacquired, we returned to the others so now had five of the ten dogs on leads. Fido and Luis were left attached to a rock to consider their position and Boris ran after his ball.

We spent time looking for the purported meteor shower but saw very little. We tracked something which was or might have been the ISS (International Space Station) although I’m unsure if the time or the coordinates match up with the orbit. Otherwise, it might have been a satellite of some sort although those are mostly geostationary.

Back at the ranch, we enjoyed coffee once the dogs had found their way back to the compound. Princess and Pea were with Luis and Fido so had no option other than to comply. Minnie was with Ursula as she was AWOL for quite a while the previous day. There was no electricity so I had to use the gas to boil the kettle. I suspect there might have been some planned work as the power resumed at almost exactly 09:00.

Breakfast as usual in the company of Dave and Pea as doggy visitors. The German couple from the neighbouring cabin appeared and introduced themselves as Daniel and Hannah. We chatted but they needed the bathroom and wanted to go out so conversation was shortened.

I returned the dogs and proceded with the painting of the decking having prepared it the previous day. It is likely to rain tomorrow evening and the next couple of days so I wanted to get it done before then.

The dogs were in their compounds and Obi a prisoner in the van. I didn’t want any doggy footprints on the freshly oiled wood. It was warm and sunny but not excessively. I started near the awning door so that should dry first and worked my way across. The deck is now all nicely treated and has only very few doggy footprints. Somehow I suspect that situation will not endure for long.

At around 15:00 we went off to Anydri for some lunch and received a royal welcome including the offer of the premier table at the head of the gorge. Katrina, the Czech server, who had flowers in her hair, approached me with the vegan options of the day. We were surprised to find so few customers and service was correspondingly rapid. Katrina explained that, once the restaurant closes, she will spend time at home before visiting the Czech Republic before an extended stay in Thailand. She will return to Crete in time for the reopening of the restaurant in Spring. The servers work long, unsocial hours. Not a job I would like to have to do.

Mountain greens

Back to the camping to take the dogs for their evening walk before Xanthippos goes out with the others. It was warm and sunny so very pleasant sitting at the end of the Promontory. There were still some naked people of varying dimensions, so we chose to return avoiding the Large Beach to avoid unnecessary complications.

Food and then all in bed by 18:15. Ursula kindly volunteered to take Dave for a wander having deposited Heidi with Tony. We met at the restaurant area where we admired the setting sun whilst spotting the return of Xanthippos.

I decided I was determined to close all of the exercise circles on my Apple Watch so disappeared out of the camping entrance and round down to the beach with Obi. Still, my circle was far from closed so we went down and around the Promontory passing some Albanians (?) who had decided to drive onto the beach and got stuck. Revving the engine does not help so they dug themselves in good and proper. They were still there when we came back but a friend with a 4×4 had joined in the revving game. I could still hear their struggles until recently.

Only when we got back to the camping did the circles close so, for the first time since getting back, have I managed to close all three circles. Walking into town from Glebe Close was very helpful at providing fitness activity.

It’s now 21:55 as I received a call from one of the ladies at EG who I help with her personal computer. She called me forgetting the difference in the time and also seems to have forgotten that it’s Sunday in Greece too!

She wants a new laptop so it’s worth the effort.

Chilly outside as the temperature has dropped to 18C! The door soon needs to be back on the van!

Georgia’s dogs barking in the distance. My lot are quiet




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