Winter is here – the door is back on

Other than some rain in the first part of the night, it was quite calm. Boris was in the storeroom due to the likelihood of thunder and storm. Better to have him dancing around in the dry behind concrete walls than dancing around in the wet annoying everyone. Dave is pretty deaf so probably slept like a baby. The other dogs were dry come the morning and we had our walk as usual.

It was dark and it was damp. There were holes in the cloud so it was possible to see some stars. There was light rain and some wind. All dogs were off except for Minnie and Princess. Minnie keeps disappearing with Micky and Princess is annoying as she runs off and barks a lot. It transpired that the last victim of her barking was the couple next to Ursula and Tony. They decided it would be nice to camp out for a night on the Promontory. I didn’t see their car as it was parked at Delino restaurant. They heeded the notice about no overnight parking yet disregarded the one about sleeping on the beach or camping. They were awoken at 05:45 so may have been in plenty of time to see the sunrise: currently 07:40.

Despite the inclement conditions, we remained out until 07:30 and allowed all but the detained, plus Pea, to make their way back to the camping unshackled. They seem to be getting the hang of finding their way back without undue distraction.

Ursula and I enjoyed coffee in the tent together with Oscar and Obi. Boris was back in his compound by now. There was no more rain and the sun even came out.

Breakfast as usual before Tony and Ursula set off for Maleme to the vet. Two abortive trips to see Georgia in Paleochora and Stavros is a good chap anyway. Just a pity it’s so far away from Grammeno. Minnie had been starved to avoid a repeat of yesterday’s puke performance. However, she managed some anyway. Ursula, in light of yesterday’s experience, was armed with towels and other paraphernalia to combat the Puke Monster. This was only Minnie’s second automotive experience and the mountain road to Maleme is a bit of a baptism of fire. Minnie now has a passport and Heidi has all she needs for her return to UK.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the sun was out and I sorted out the email problem from yesterday and got on with my server installation. A more positive day than the previous and less drama with thunder and rain.

Thunder is forecast for tonight but the weather, up until now, seems to have concentrated on the northern part of the island so we have been relatively lucky.

The plumber called yesterday morning to adjust the hot water system which serves the main bathrooms. In summer, the water is scaldingly hot from the solar panels. Also, the cold water is not very cold. As the sun’s power weakens and the angle changes, it is no longer necessary to dilute the hot water with cold to prevent scalding. I went up on the roof to learn the secrets of the thermostat. Very complicated: turn fully anti-clockwise in autumn and close the valve from the cold water tank. Turn fully clockwise then set to 5 in summer, opening the valve to the cold water tank. All cunning stuff! The upshot is that I got a really hot shower this evening rather than the tepid ones more recently.

Ursula made some amazing bean and vegetable stew yesterday evening. Following the rain event and some communal wine-drinking chez Château McGeorge, I departed to heat my portion. So much was there that I am having an action replay this evening. The stew bites back as it has a hidden ingredient. I believe there was some garlic as well.

Micky continues to hobble as he still has a poor sore paw from yesterday’s ‘accident’. Micky loves to chase pickups and trucks in the road outside the camping. An addiction Obi also previously enjoyed. I fear that, one day, Micky will come unstuck. Hopefully, he may learn from this event and become a more responsible boy.

My iPad informs me there is thunder neaby although I cannot hear it. Perhaps I should put Boris in the storeroom. He might be thankful anyway as the forecast is 13C tonight.


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