Showers again

3mm rain in the night but the dogs were dry this morning. As much fell during the day too. But not in Paleochora whilst we had lunch at The Third Eye restaurant.

The morning walk was gloomy and damp but made more exciting by the distant lightning from south and west. I took the precaution of wearing a waterproof coat as well as waterproof trousers over my bare legs. It was not cold anyway.

There were still some stars to be seen between the clouds but the occasional flashes from south and west made it difficult to make out dimmer bodies. Venus managed to squeeze herself out from the dense heap of black cloud lurking next to the mountains near Paleochora. I think Mars was around too.

The westerly flashes became more frequent and were now accompanied by rumbles. The tell-tale rush of air from that direction made us decide to call it a day and to head back. I went on ahead with the free dogs to try to encourage them back before the heavens opened. Boris, following his ball-chasing, was tired and more interested in wandering aimlessly with no apparent sense of urgency. I put him on a lead and frog-marched him back across the field and into the gate. Otherwise, I could see him bedraggled and wondering why he was getting wet.

I put Boris in the storeroom as I thought there might be thunder and fed Dave. Ursula appeared with those on the lead as well as the stragglers. The rain started to come down heavily so we headed into the awning tent for coffee. The only dog who had not made it back was Obi. He appeared from the beach when Ursula took Heidi back later.

It didn’t last long but delivered another three mm of water. The interior of the van was gloomy and I had my head torch on to see. I’d taken off my ‘waterproof’ coat and dumped it on the floor as it was soaked.

Ursula departed and I took Dave for his morning wander and to clean his eye. I met Ursula with Obi so I took both dogs back to the compound. No dog was enthusiastic about coming down for breakfast except Fido so we wended our way down.

The young German neighbours were starting to load their car as they are leaving today. They were having a cup of tea and sitting outside as the sun struggled through the clouds. Tony and Heidi declared the day too cold and stayed inside the cabin.

We decided on lunch at The Third Eye so had to leave around 14:00. I went back to my servers until it was time for a shower and to get changed.

I had Artichokes which were very nice. We also ordered one of their house salads. I nipped off to the back once I’d eaten my meal as I was a bit light on cash. We stopped at Petrakis on the way back as they have a wider range than the local supermarket and are generally better stocked.

More server configuration before the evening walk at 17:00. The sky had been threatening on and off but we went all the same. 40% of the dogs were liberated but a car in the car park indicated that someone might be around. It was sunny and warm with no rain.

Back to tea and the usual evening routine. The ‘small’ dogs are now very organised and don’t even need to be told to go to bed. I simply chuck in some biscuits and close the door.

Ursula took Dave and Heidi towards the beach and I caught her up with Obi. We sat in the abandoned restaurant area on the remaining benches and watched the sea and the return of Xanthippos and Georgia’s dogs.

Still now news of Micky’s leg.

More rain is falling outside and I left my shoes at the foot of the steps. Nothing like slipping your feet into wet shoes at 05:30 of a dark October morning.



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