Cold, wet and windy

Today is colder, wetter and windier than the proceeding ones.

There was rain pattering on the roof as my alarm sounded this morning. A brief conflab with Ursula decided on a walk as the storms were either to the north, south or west.

As it turned out, we remained dry as did the dogs. Later, we moved to a higher location where we were treated to all manner of electrical entertainment.

The lightning was still with us most of the time we were out and there were distant rumbles throughout the day.

To say that it was wet and miserable was an understatement as it turned into an unending dreariness until the evening walk. Rain and fine rain with no sun at all. Only my gate light was working when I came back at 22:10 from an evening with Ursula and Tony in their cabin together with three dogs. All the other lights were out so it added to the dreariness of the day.

The frequent thunder and lightning interfered with the electrical supply and my UPS batteries are completely discharged causing the switches and WiFi access point to fail on each occasion. I lost Internet connectivity and also my connections to the computers I was working on in Lewes. Added to that, the Internet was super-slow for some reason so very little actual work got done.

Tony and Ursula went to the pizza place in Paleochora in an attempt to find a little warmth from the pizza ovens: others had the same thought so they had to wait and were finally seated near to the door. I remained on my decking and decided to defrost some of Ursula’s excellent celery soup. I must point out that Greek celery is not like other celery insomuch as it has a much stronger flavour. The soup was more like a meal. It gave me the strength to put back the window I removed before the summer. Putting the door back reminded me that the window was still in the storeroom. The intention had been to do a proper repair of both windows however it does not appear to have taken place. At least the window actually shuts properly now and there will be no howling gale this winter.

During the day, the Brown Dogs, as well as Oskar and Charlie, were loose in the the main compound. The Brown Dogs spent most of the time either asleep under my chair or, when it was cooler, inside the van. Oskar preferred to sleep on the carpet whilst Charlie liked to be under the van in the sand. The other dogs were in their various houses sheltering from the rain.

We went out at 17:00 in the hope that it wouldn’t rain. It was still miserable but at least it was dry. Most dogs were free as we felt it unlikely there would be anyone else out on such a rotten day. We encountered Xanthippos with Georgia’s dogs out walking earlier than their allocated slot. I noticed they had a particularly short walk as they were back in the camping even before us! Methinks Georgia and Maria were away and Xanthippos was taking a shortcut.

Later, we ended up in Tony and Ursula’s cabin drinking wine to keep out the cold. Heidi did not seem too impressed at the arrival of Dave and Obi but they soon all made themselves comfortable. Before he knew it, Tony had Obi snuggling up in his down sleeping bag as Tony made a fuss of him. Heidi, not wishing to be left out, decided to try Ursula’s sleeping bag too.

As time wore on, we became more relaxed

Despite my good intentions to finish the blog by taking my laptop to bed with me, I simply fell asleep!


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