Sun again!

I slept very well but yesterday’s blog didn’t get underway. If you would like to read my revised blog, click here.

The alarm sounded and I jumped out of bed. It was dark and windy but NOT raining. Hurrah!

Disorganised, having not completed my daily routine, the dog leads were all over the place. Nothing more annoying than to have to wander around first thing in the morning trying to locate the dog leads. Usually, they are all sorted out and hung up where I can find them. This means I can get all the dogs marshalled, Dave’s medication done, and on the way out of the gate in around ten minutes or so. To add to the pain, there was only the light of my head torch since the dull day had not sufficiently recharged all of the solar lights for them to be working when I came back at 22:00 let alone first thing in the morning.

We made it to the end of the Promontory where, naturally, Ursula was waiting. What is going to happen when Ursula goes home and is no longer there? The dogs will all rush off to not find her waiting by the rocks. What will Boris do without Ursula to throw his ball in the mornings?

The sky was fairly clear so a number of heavenly bodies were visible. Not the moon of course as we have a few more days to wait until that is visible in the morning. The northerly wind was chilly despite my waterproof trousers and lined coat. We moved up to the more sheltered rocky area above the lagoon. We sheltered from the wind, the dogs played, dug in the sand and Boris ran after his ball.

At 07:00 we headed back to the camping, this time with Princess, Pea, Minnie and Charlie on their leads. Charlie went off the rails yesterday morning and I had to go in search of him. He was only in the field close by and was extremely pleased to see me.

Coffee followed by quite a chilly breakfast outside Château McGeorge. Finally the sun emerged but the wind was still chilly. I went back to the compound leaving Minnie with Heidi. Just to get them acclimatised to being together ready for their trip to Germany next week.

I needed to vacuum the carpet as it had changed colour from dark blue to Brown Dog Colour. I also needed to fix the outlet from the grey water tank under the back of the van so that the water flowed through the tank and immediately out into the area under the carob trees. The sun was now shining strongly so I was able to remove some layers of clothing.

A bit more clearing up inside the van and a quick vacuum there too!

We’d arranged to go to lunch at Anydri as they will close soon for the winter. Last time it was a bit of a rush as we have to take out the dogs at 17:00 to avoid running into Xanthippos.

It was still sunny when we drove to Paleochora and on to Anydri and the restaurant. There was still a little wind but it was possible to sit outside in reasonable comfort. The meal was excellent as ever and I managed to get a very tasty vegan option of runner beans in a particularly attractive sauce. Ursula had Black-eyed beans and Tony Aubergines filled with onions. Anydri is not a vegetarian restaurant but provided plenty of vegetarian dishes with vegan options. The waitress, who we know quite well, told us how she had tried to get from Chania back to work in Anydri. The rain had caused some local flooding as well as the inevitable rock falls. She had to turn back as it was just impossible to get through despite attempting a number of routes. It’s always a problem the first time it rains after a dry summer. Even the main, National Road, which follows the north coast of the island was closed.


After our meal, we returned to the camping with forty minutes to spare before the evening walk.

The walk was very enjoyable as it was warm and sunny despite still being a little blustery. Princess was upset at being left behind in the camping as she thought it would be a good idea to crash the gate into the main compound and then not return when called. A couple were sitting on the rocks at the end of the Promontory so we all sat down in the sun for a few minutes before the return leg of the walk.

Winter will be back again tomorrow as we are promised the possibility of showers as the day goes by and a high of 23C. Today’s high is 25.1C although the Under Awning Temperature was over 30C this morning with the door open.

Tomorrow is Οχι Day, 28 October, when the Small Dogs will be two years old and Greece celebrates a Public Holiday. Special celebrations are the order of the day. We have contacted Marion and Dieter, who will soon take on Minnie, to remind them that tomorrow will be Malloy (AKA Benny) birthday. Ursula will contact Reni to get her to wish Millie Happy Birthday and sing to her. Marion informs me that Malloy will get a big sausage tomorrow. I wonder if there was something lost in translation…

I saw Micky from a distance earlier. I understand he has a fractured leg and has attended the vet in Chania. I wonder if will lead to curtailment of his propensity to charge into the road after pickups and trucks. Somehow I doubt it.


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