Don’t forget the clocks go back

I was fast asleep when the alarm sounded this morning. Fortunately, my iPhone was nearby and my Apple watch was shaking my wrist off. I’m not saying I jumped out of bed as that might be an exaggeration. Much more organised, I was able to get out of the gate fifteen minutes after my alarm sounded. I could see Ursula’s light ahead as we ventured onto the Promontory. The likelihood of anyone being out there is very slim now, so I let most of them off as soon as I was on the Promontory. Indeed Boris and Oskar were off as we walked through the field as they are reasonably capable of walking along without losing the others.

There were stars, clouds and a few lightning flashes. The forecast promised rain for the latter part of the day however none has fallen on Grammeno so far. We wandered up to the higher ground and Boris lost his ball. It was 07:00 so we went back for coffee. Dark and dismal under the awning and inside the van as there were a lot of clouds overhead.

A cat was foolish enough to show its face as the dogs wandered back towards the field. Those not on leads for reliability purposes pursued the cat towards the rocks. Those on leads and unable to follow gave support of a vocal kind. Most dogs managed to come back in a reasonable time although the Brown Dogs did not appear. We had our coffee and Ursula and Heidi returned to their abode. Fido appeared outside the gate into the field and was admitted. Ursula was on her way to the supermarket and encountered Obi. Luis was standing outside the gate to the field making a racket sometime later.

We had breakfast and then I came back to give Dave a wander before my Saturday phone call.

For lunch we went to Houmas just up the road where we ate a very enjoyable meal. It is nearing the end of the season so they are all beginning to run out of puff. Some of the staff from The Third Eye and The Old School in Anydri were at the next table. We waved and said hi. The restaurant was not full but there were still customers.

The sea was not so rough but there was an interesting selection of clouds passing overhead. Most of which were either black or stacks of white clouds. The weather looked threatening but that was all. At the end of the meal, I walked Heidi back to the camping before returning home for a bit of relaxation before the evening walk.

At around 17:00 we walked to the end of the Promontory and sat in the sun for a while. I thought at this point it might rain so I suggested we hasten back. There was only ever the threat of rain. We’d already passed Xanthippos and said we’d be out until 18:00. He seemed ok with that and went back to the camping.

After the usual feeding and putting to bed routine, Tony and Ursula came round for a drink and we sat outside under the awning with the tent closed. The Brown Dogs were all out and Pea was in his cage. Heidi preferred to lurk in her dug-out in the compound. The evening was still dry and it certainly wasn’t cold.

It’s Οχι Day so a Public Holiday with a parade in Paleochora in the morning.

It’s also exactly two years since Heidi, Oskar, Millie, Minnie, Charlie, Malloy and Cheveyo were born. Happy Birthday, Doggies!!!


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