King of the castle!

With the clocks going back, this morning’s walk was at 04:30 (new time). For some at least. Sadly, Ursula had got her alarm in a muddle and set it one hour later rather than one hour earlier. As a consequence, I suddenly found I had an additional dog just as I was walking back along the beach towards the field and the private entrance. She was not best pleased with having missed out on the walk and I was rather insensitive to her level of frustration and displeasure. We carried on down the beach a little way, however, there was a van parked nearby so we felt it better to return to the field instead.

The walk itself was blustery as well as dark as expected. There were a lot of stars about and fewer clouds than of late. Venus had a bit of a struggle getting past a black bank of clouds on the eastern horizon. We moved about a bit to get out of the wind but also sat on top of the rocks on the western side.

As the days shorten, I will gradually make the morning walk a little later. As it is now, on a dull day, the walk starts and almost finishes in darkness. Following an agreement with Xanthippos, who has been, up until now, going before us, we will now leave after him but he will take the 17:00 slot which will probably suit both of us better. He will finish earlier and I will not have to hurry back to avoid running into him or keeping him waiting. He will probably also let me know when he’s back.

I busied myself dealing with a couple of leaks in the van roof where everything has shrunk during the warm weather. I also put a coat of paint on the wooden dog house. The plan being to put Princess and Pea in there once Minnie is on her way to her new family in Germany where she will be reunited with her sibling, Malloy (AKA Benny). All thanks to Ursula who volunteered to meet up with the couple who will be adopting her. Minnie is one lucky dog!

After a shower, we set off for a lovely lunch in Anydri.  The restaurant’s last day of the season. To give Minnie a little more car experience and the benefit of being in a crowded place, we took her in the car too. The car experience was a little less traumatic than previous ones and I think she is getting the hang of it now. I sat with her on the back seat of the car, sick bucket on one hand and a towel draped over my knees. She was very stressed and dribbled everywhere. There was no significant sickness although I was glad of the bucket and towel. Minnie seemed to get on well at the restaurant which was crowded with Sunday diners. Despite a visit from a cat which actively likes and seeks out dogs!

Back in the camping we sent Xanthippos on his way and waited for him to walk Georgia’s dogs. We then went out ourselves in the gathering dusk. It was almost dark when we arrived back so food was prepared and distributed by torch. Thanks again Ursula for introducing me to those head torches. I use one virtually every day and they are brilliant.

All were quickly tucked up and Obi and I set off to catch up Ursula who was walking Dave and Heidi around the camping. I bumped into the German couple in S6 and we chatted. Dave was walked and in bed so I was allowed the rest of the day off. I checked my emails to discover that Maria has left me her keys to the camping so I am now King of the Castle. Hopefully, I will soon have my own set of keys as I’m not too keen on being responsible for the master set.

The painting and other activities have earned me three activity and fitness circles today so my goals will be harder tomorrow. No pain, no gain.

Despite the fact that it’s only 21:13 (22:13 old time) I think it will not be long before bed.

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