Hi-tech cooking

Five was barking again at silly o’clock and I was considering getting out of bed to shut her up when there was the sound of rain on the van roof. The thought of plodding across the camping to Georgia’s house was bad enough but in the rain! Anyway, she shut up shortly afterwards. Back to sleep again until it was time to wake up at 04:30 (05:30 old money).

Despite Ursula and I both going armed with Distant Suns installed on our iPhones to work out the constellations, they’re not a lot of use if you can’t see the stars for the clouds. There were a lot of clouds this morning so Venus didn’t even get a look-in. As for Mars, not a hope! We gave it our best effort but then retired to a less-windy part of the Promontory for the remainder of the time.

It didn’t rain but it was coolish and quite windy. Not much like it was a couple of months back. Still, no mosquitoes to bother us.

Going back around 07:20, it was still quite dark and a little uninspiring. Obi, having managed to get almost to the SDC gate, decided to do a bunk and disappear.  Despite staying with the group for the duration of the walk, he still cannot resist the temptation of that little extra freedom.

Breakfast Chez McGeorge was followed by a trip to the office to await the arrival of the postal person as I noticed a package was scheduled for delivery today. Dave was tied up outside on the barrier post in the sun. I fiddled with a couple of messages in the hope the postman would show up. Which he duly did. I signed for my package which contained a cunning device to allow my metal detector to be used with my wireless headset. This is particularly useful since using the speaker is inaccurate and noisy for everyone else. Wired phones are a real bind as the cable gets in the way. I can now do a bit of detecting although the recent rough weather has washed away most of the sand at the water’s edge where the deck chairs once stood. I’ve not done much detecting recently so there should be rich picking in the camping.

Ursula wanted to experiment with her sous-vide cooker before going back to UK. It’s a hi-tech cooking device which you are able to control from your Smartphone or tablet. The idea is that you can keep track of progress without having to stand around watching. Also, it is possible to control the cooking process from any location. For example, you could set up your meal before going out for the day, then activate the cooking when you’re sure of your return time. Sous-vide is lower temperature for longer. This means that cooking times are not precise.

The food was very tasty and cooked to perfection. Thank you, Ursula, for yet another wonderful meal!

A German guy with a large dog came to enquire after a place for the winter. He’s camped out on the stony beach at present but wants somewhere a little less exposed.

A German couple arrived and are now installed near the large gate onto the beach. Seems the camping is still popular despite the lateness of the season. I’m not sure I’d be up for camping right now.

The evening walk was delayed as a result of their arrival so it was almost dark for feeding and going to bed.

This is Minnie’s last night at Grammeno as she sets off for her forever home in Germany tomorrow. We shall miss her as she is a lovely girl but she deserves a more than being just another Grammeno Dog.





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