Le grand départ

Minnie and Heidi went on their last early morning walk on the Promontory. Heidi, until she returns to Grammeno, Minnie probably definitively. It was dark and windy with a few clouds to obscure the view of the stars. At one point there were very few stars left to view.

Princess disappeared to bark at some unfortunate who’d decided to spend the night sleeping in the dunes. She was joined by Luis until I came with the others to intervene. Luis and Princess spent the remainder of the walk on the lead as did Pea who was also in good voice.

Back for coffee and then Ursula went to start packing up ready to load the car. I fed the mob before taking Minnie and Dave for a walk on the Promontory. Dave has not been on the Promontory all summer but now it is cooler, he is able to get about better. Minnie has been confined to the lead for a long time due to her propensity to disappear to find Micky, the love of her life. That is a road to nowhere since both Micky and Minnie have been sterilised. I let her off to run around since I can manage to keep an eye on two dogs in daylight but not ten in darkness.

Breakfast as usual followed by clearing out of the cabin. I disappeared to vacuum the carpet tiles ready for their voyage back to UK for a refund. The adhesive attaching the carpet to the EVA melts in direct sunlight. Hardly what one would expect from a product destined for use in an awning.

The cabin clearance and car loading continued until finally, it was complete. Including 32 carpet tiles and space for two dogs on the back seat.

Ursula, with Tony watching, came to cut my hair. I had removed the tiles to replace them with some large groundsheets discarded by Lau. Not anything like as comfortable as carpet tiles but at least it stops the wind from blowing through the decking. Ursula did a good job of my hair, we gathered up Minnie and Heidi before going to their car.

I coaxed Minnie into the carefully prepared ‘vomit seat’ and hopefully calmed her a little. Without further ado, they departed to make their way to Souda and the night ferry to Piraeus. Apparently, Minnie didn’t vomit until Kantanos. Way to go!

I got a very refreshing hot shower, having turned on the hot water previously. A benefit of having the keys again! It felt a lot cooler so I dug out all the dog blankets and cleaned out the houses. Princess and Pea are now in the former Oskar accommodation whereas he has been upgraded to Château Minnie.I then waited for Xanthippos to return from walking Georgia’s dogs. He was back by 17:40 so off we went. I discovered I had a surplus lead in the collection…

There was one car in the Grammeno Beach car park so I let off only Boris, Charlie and Oskar to begin with. Oskar and Charlie discovered the walker who was treated to a few barks. We went over the rocks and back to the camping just as it was getting dark. I fed them by torchlight before putting them all to bed. Then it was time to do Dave who I have not dealt with in a while. I’m a little out of practice as Ursula has been doing it since before I went to UK.

Our little Dave and Obi walk took us to the German couple seated in the darkened restaurant area. They have candles and were enjoying some wine when we arrived. Obi showed that they are the only people in the entire world he loves and they fell for it as usual.

Off back to the top of the camping and then home to the storeroom for Dave. I covered over Princess and Pea before retiring to the relative warmth of the van. Despite the outside temperature being 16.7C it’s over 20C in here. The high for today is 22.2C.

Chatting to Maria earlier, she tells me that tomorrow she is going to have another go at trying to give up smoking. She will try patches this time. She tells me I am one of the few she has informed of this momentous occasion as she is concerned at failing and the consequent implications.

Micky requires surgery on Friday and will have his left-front leg pinned. He and Five will be staying in Chania for at least a month. My attempt at returning the keys of the Castle was rebutted and I suspect I shall be King of the Castle for a month or so. Olivia is still in residence in the caravan so at least there is someone to clean and change sheets etc. I can live with the office and greeting part of it but am not up for the rest.

Georgia is considering selling the existing static vans and possibly building more larger cabins to replace them.

Maria and I agreed that we need to have a proper method of discounting and calculating the prices for the camping. I’ve said I’m not up for calling Georgia each time a customer wishes to stay. For longer or complicated stays, fine.

I need to eat my remainders. Things trailing in the freezer which I’m sure will be delicious. Thanks again Ursula for all your help and support. We are missing you already. Obi will not know where to go in the morning…


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