Don’t they know it’s November!

Later up today as I felt it was a good time to change my getting up time now the clocks have gone back. There were no stars by the time we reached the end of the Promontory. Boris, Oskar and Charlie were not put on the lead this morning so were allowed to accompany the others as we went through the gate into the field next door. Apparently, Georgia tells me that she may be acquiring an interest in some land next to the camping but I’m not entirely certain as to the exact location. I understand the land is from Cedar Bay Villas going north adjacent to the current camping. I may need to consider putting up a better fence on the eastern front depending upon what is going to be next to me.

Breakfast was a subdued affair especially as I now have to fend for myself. Gone are the delightful fruit salads so generously prepared by Ursula.

I passed the office where Maria was twiddling with her hair on the first day of her no smoking campaign. We chatted a while and I tried my best to wind her up although we did also have a bit of a laugh too. I had Dave with me on a quick walk but later I picked up Charlie and Oskar to take them, with Dave onto the Large Beach on the Promontory. It was not just a laugh for the younger two as I did some work with them as well. Dave sniffed and snuffled and appeared to enjoy his quite lengthy wander.

Georgia called to chat and she and I had a deep conversation about what she proposes for the camping. She is negotiating an extension of the present lease to make it all worthwhile as well as acquiring an interest in some land adjacent to the camping. The idea is to develop additional permanent accommodation in the form of more wooden chalet buildings. She proposes to sell the existing static vans which are in need of some updating but are still serviceable. The proposed wooden chalets would be more in keeping with her vision for the camping. The old statics could be moved to the adjacent site and rented at a lower price to cater for budget customers.

I suggested there should be a kitchen in the new chalets but Georgia explained her concern for cooking smells and the safety aspect. She tells me that some of her local customers are likely to burn down the chalets whilst cooking!

We have more to discuss as I was getting tired as all of this was in Greek. She was naturally doing most of the talking. Meanwhile, Maria was flitting around the camping dealing with arriving customers. Don’t they know it’s November and gets cold here?

At present. T3 is let to a family, four of the six small cabins are let, there are two tents and three campers! And it’s NOVEMBER!

Micky is getting his leg fixed on Friday which will cost Georgia around €300-€400. My reply was “tell me about it” and I talked about Dave’s vet bills. Micky and Five will stay in Chania for the duration of Micky’s recovery. I don’t envy anyone that task.

Maria tells me she is having her hair done and I gather Olivia is working somewhere else so Maria will come back to do all the cleaning once people leave on Saturday.

The two campers are part of the same family as the guy with the van and boat who came twice to the camping in October. I understand he will be back on Saturday and the remainder will stay for a while longer too.

The German couple in Small Cabin 6 say they will come back next year and asked if I would like their new table and chairs. I said I would store it all for them for their return. The other German couple missed out on Obi this evening as they had already retired to their tent. I do not envy anyone in a tent.

Having fed the dogs this evening I was putting them to bed. Princess and Pea share the large house and Oskar and Charlie the partitioned one. I couldn’t find Fido anywhere. I counted the food bowls and could see that I’d fed him. I looked all over the run and knew he’d come back. It was only when I opened the door to Charlie’s house that I discovered Fido there too. Although I gave him the opportunity to come out, he seems happy to stay there. Hopefully, they will not fall out as I don’t much fancy getting up in the night to sort them out.

I need to deal with my food before it disintegrates. This evening is quick quinoa, leeks, onions and parsley which has been slowly steamed. Very healthy!



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