Today I went shopping!

Out at 05:30 again to a starless sky. It was not too windy but somewhat cloudy. We kept moving and everyone behaved nicely. We were back at the camping just after 07:00 but no tea and chat as I had stuff to do.

I have put the bungee balls all around the sail shade as previously, the lower part was attached to the frame by a former washing line. The rope was a lousy washing line and was pretty crap at tensioning the sail shade too. It has been relieved of its duty now and will doubtless fall victim to a dog.

I took Dave, Charlie and Oskar for a walk on the Promontory and Dave was even fitter than yesterday! The sun was quite warm and the wind was calm so we all sat on a dune and admired the scenery.

Back for a little light breakfast and a cup of coffee. No loafing around here although there was a little bit of my morning missing.

I tried to fix the puncture in my rear bicycle tyre to discover that all my adhesive has gone off. There was a spare tube amongst all of my bits so I fitted that instead. Then off to the supermarket for some vegetables as I have been cooking food for the past couple of nights. A little raw food will not go amiss. ,,,,,,

Georgia and Maria were to return to Chania today so I expected to perhaps be informed when they were leaving. Forlorn hope of reliable communication as I only discovered about their departure when Olivia came to ask me to attend to a customer at the office.

The customer, one of the German couples, was dispatched and then I took the dogs out for the evening walk. There was a car in the car park so I only let off all the dogs once I got to the end of the Promontory. The sky was quite cloudy but there were breaks where silvery light shone down onto the surface of the sea. It was amazing and I tried to take a phone but expect it looks nothing like what I saw///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////,, (I fell asleep here)

Xanthippos is also sick so no walk for Georgia’s dogs today.

Obi, Dave and I went later to see the German couple unofficially. They were both keen to see Obi.

I wandered around the camping making sure the customers all had what they needed and then took Dave back to the storeroom.

Today’s high is 24.5C and provided a pleasant sunny interlude during the afternoon.

I can report that Ursula, Tony, Heidi and Minnie have now landed in Ancona so will be well on their way through Switzerland to Germany tomorrow. Both Heidi and Minnie behaved well on the ferry.

Despite the quite warm day, the temperature dropped dramatically as soon as the sun went down and it’s now quite cool in the van Still not cool enough to warrant the heating.

For some reason, I keep falling asleep so I’d better get something to eat.




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