German vets

There were a few more stars with Orion and Venus in view. Passing clouds and a few larger masses over the mountains. I had Pea on the lead as he was due to visit the German vets. I didn’t want him eating or drinking anything beforehand.

Antonis took us up to the clinic in the mountains not far from Paleochora in Kalamos. Outside the old schoolhouse stood a disused mobile catering van which some vandals had torched. The area was strewn with rubbish as a consequence with burned grass and blackened stone nearby. Why it was torched, I do not know. We were one of the first to arrive other than the PAWS members who had been out rounding up cats in and around Paleochora. They cast their nets further afield now that many of the animals in and around the village have been dealt with. Some locals are unhappy with the group’s activities so they try to keep a low profile. Pea had his operation and was able to go home by 11:30. Antonis came to pick us up and we had a brief stop in Petrakis so I could stock up on supplies. Pea was recovering on my lap so Antonis took him on his whilst I went into the supermarket. When I got back in the car with my shopping, I said I could take him back but he seemed so comfortable lying across Antonis’ lap that he left him there.

Dave had accompanied us to the vet so that I could get them just to check him out and confirm he was not retaining fluid in his lungs. The vet was interested in Dave and called another, younger vet to check him over for the experience. They said he was doing ok although his heart was much the same. So long as he’s in good shape and keeps chugging along, that’s the main thing.

Back at the camping two lots of people had arrived and Olivia was struggling a bit. I dumped Pea in the cat crate and Dave in the storeroom and went to sort them all out. It was a young Austrian couple in a Landrover Defender and another young couple with a young child. Olivia had shown them one of the Small cabins but they really wanted something with a toilet as the woman was again pregnant and needed the bathroom a lot in the night. They took T2 on my advice and the Small Cabin went to an American lady later in the day. The Austrian couple needed to wash all of their clothes in the camping washing machine. They have been on the road for several months and intend being away for over a year.

I had not used the new washing machine which is much bigger than the one replaced back in the summer. The previous machine could take a 9kg load whereas this one takes 15kg! Unfortunately, it is destined for the Greek market so everything is in Greek. We managed to work out how to set it going and I downloaded the instructions in English later. I know now how to use it.

The German couple in Cabin 6 are leaving tomorrow so accompanied Dave and I to the office to pay. They only came for a couple of nights but ended up staying for nine. The American lady was in the office when I arrived so I sorted her out next and came down to see that she had everything she needed. We got chatting with the Austrian lady in cabin 1 who is looking to come to live here for longer periods. I suggested she might wish to discuss the possibility with Georgia. Finally, the two of them went off to paint Paleochora red in a night of partying.

I think there is a rodent in my van and I need to investigate. It sounds like an elephant so I’d better go armed!

Ursula, Tony, Heidi and Minnie arrived in Ancona and have made it as far as Mulhouse today.


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