Minnie is united with her forever family! Well done Ursula!

I awoke to the sound of rain on the van roof. I decided I didn’t fancy getting out of bed to walk dogs in the rain. We all went back to bed until around 06:15 and then set off for the Promontory.

The sky was still very cloudy so hardly a star in sight. Big banks of clouds piled high above the mountains towering menacingly. Our walk was short and brisk but included the essential components. Hopes of getting back dry were dashed when rain began to fall. I returned with a load of damp dogs.

The rain stopped so I went to wander the camping with Dave. No one appeared to have been washed away so I came back for a little breakfast. The nice Austrian lady was at receptions so I went to take her money. She is a headteacher but will retire next year. She is thinking about finding somewhere she can spend the colder months. She has been a frequent visitor to Greece over the years.

The weather improved as the day wore on and the sun felt positively hot during my weekly phone call.

Another walk around the camping with Dave to collect a further 20€ from the nice American lady. She tells me she lost her dog when the dog fell into hot springs in Mexico. She tried to save her, burning her own feet in the process. The dog had 95% burns so it was kinder not to try to save her.

A trip to the supermarket to acquire some essential supplies. Dimitris asked me where I’d been for the past two months.

Xanthippos was well enough to take Georgia’s dogs for their walk this evening. We went for our walk shortly after 17:00. I made the mistake of leaving Boris, Fido and Luis in the compound together for the few seconds I needed to give Dave his tablet. I returned to find the Brown Dogs laying into Boris. Luis was stuffed into the small crate and Fido, the main culprit, ejected into the main compound and thence to the large crate. He remained there until he needed to be let out to go to the loo. He has spent the past few minutes whining pathetically outside the van door and has upped the ante by now standing at the main gate growling at some mysterious fictitious intruder. Finding that has not delivered the desired results, he returns to continue with the pathetic whining outside the van door. Luis remains silent in the small crate.

Ursula has successfully transported and delivered Minnie to her forever German family who also took Malloy (AKA Benny) in May 2016. Marion is now Minnie’s new mum and Malloy now becomes the full responsibility of Dieter, her husband. Well done to Ursula for transporting and delivering Minnie who is now a very lucky girl with a loving family. Another brilliant result by Ursula. Millie, Minnie, Heidi and Doris owe so much to her doggy dedication. Read Ursula’s blogs here

Fido has resorted to Threatening Growling now that Pathetic Whining seems not to have done the trick.

The warm and sunny weather of earlier has now turned windier. So much so that the LandRover Defender has relocated to the shelter of one of the large motorhome spaces nearer to reception. The wind is quite strong and reminds me of the need to trim the carob trees to the north of the van as they periodically scrape against the side and roof of the van. A little like someone dragging their fingernails down a blackboard.

Obi is the only dog in the van this evening.

I think I’d better get some food now.



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