Quieter now

It was a speedy walk today as I was not in the mood to hang around. Fido and Luis found themselves outside last night as they had a go at Boris before the evening walk. So they missed the walk and stayed out all night. This morning Obi didn’t return at the end of the walk and was found with the Swiss couple in T2 when I went to see them. He spent the day in the SDC and is about to spend the night there too. It’s quite pleasant to have the whole van to myself and not have to shoehorn myself into the space left for me by the Brown Dogs.

I also had a bit of a clean up of dog hairs down the backs of the cushions, in the gas heater and everywhere else. Even I have a dirt threshold and I may have reached it.

I had plans to do a number of things today but few materialised. I spent a while with my metal detector and discovered about 15€. As a method of earning a living it’s unattractive but for an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon, it’s amusing. The wireless headphones make everything so much easier. There was not so much money around the bar area as last year due to the wooden floor and most of what I found was 20 and 50 cent coins but they add up. There were a number of 2€ coins in the main camping which were not from this year as they are too stained. It was fun anyway.

It is technically illegal to use metal detectors on Greek beaches but people do. Xanthippos was talking about some official who gave him a document but I didn’t completely understand what he was on about. I was inside the camping anyway. I always wait until there’s no one about.

I had a bit of a chat with the young Austrian couple who are driving around Europe visiting lots of different countries. They said they’d visited quite a few but were going to cut short their tour as some work has come up and they want to stop moving for a bit. They said they might come back to Grammeno once they’ve spent more time in the remainder of the island.

The evening walk was earlier as Xanthippos was early. We walked the east beach as Antonis and his Little Fiends were on the Promontory killing each other. I didn’t relish the thought of struggling down there with all the dogs seeing how many cars were parked in the car park. The beach walk made a change but was not entirely satisfactory. I noticed a couple had parked their caravan for the night. There has been another caravan parked on the beach all through the summer. The German with the large dog has his eye on it. So long as there are no FreeLoaders on the Promontory in the morning, we should get a good walk.

I’ve just sneaked over to use the washing machine as I am now ‘alone’ on camping. Georgia and Maria are in Chania and Olivia is in Paleochora as she will be doing olives in the morning. I put loads of stuff in the machine which is huge. Just hope it does a good job of getting it clean. Lots of pretty lights which I now know all about having read the instructions in English.

The Brown Dogs, cast out of the luxury of the van, have, it seems, finally resigned themselves to a night out with the others, and taken themselves into their houses. That said, there is still a little noise so I expect I shall end up by locking them. Luis was locked in yesterday and remained quiet. Not so this evening…

Fido had put himself to bed bit Luis and Obi were hoping for Devine Intervention. Obi and Luis are now sharing the larger crate so it will be interesting to see how that works out.



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