Obi’s choice

It wasn’t chilly in the night only 14.9C so the dogs didn’t have too much to complain about. Obi had a place to himself as Princess was under the awning. Pea found himself sharing with Oskar which might not have been to his liking.

Princess was not allowed off the lead for this morning’s walk due to her high jinks the previous evening. There was plenty of moon so I didn’t need to use a torch once. The sea was calm with only a little wind.

Dave and I have been on a couple of excursions today. The first was quite strenuous, for Dave. A trip right around the block! He managed well and even came into the compound to see the others for a little while. In the summer he had only a very short walk around the camping after dark. Now it is cooler, he can manage much better.

The second walk was shorter than the first but still, in Dave terms, quite adventurous. I fed him this evening, before going out with the others, and walked him around the camping at the same time as Xanthippos walked Georgia’s dogs on the Promontory.

I’ve just been to turn off the water heater in the main bathrooms as I forgot it and so it’s been on for two hours. Last night there was no hot water when I went for a shower. Whilst out, I bumped into Olivia who has been gathering olives all day. She was rushing around with cleaning materials still working. She tells me she will be eating spaghetti with finely-grated cheese this evening. I used to do that too. It was very nice!

The new server at Inter Sport went wrong last week and a technician came today to fix it. Unfortunately, it is still not fixed, putting the upgrade project behind schedule. I’m told it should be repaired tomorrow.

Xanthippos came to the camping this morning to do some tidying up. He took all the rubbish out yesterday but today’s task was benches and leaves. He tells me he will come to gather all the carob pods from my trees in a couple of days. He has three goats which eat the pods. He also has two dogs and three cats. He has also been gathering olives but says he has enough for him and his mum. Mikhalis can gather the remainder if he wants to. I have a couple of trees here and was told by Stelios that I could gather the olives in the camping if I wished. I can see that conflicting with Georgia so I think I’ll just stick to the two trees in my compound. I should imagine Antonis is hard at work as he has lots of olive trees to tend to.

The Brown Dogs are generally getting the idea of choosing suitable nighttime accommodation. Fido made a choice and got into it. Luis likewise. Obi was still hoping for a revelation so declined to enter. His choice is now limited to the igloo kennel without a blanket. Fortunately, tonight will not be cold.

More rain is forecast for Sunday/Monday but that is quite far into the future.





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