The flies are back with a vengeance

Despite being in bed just after 22:00 yesterday, and sleeping right through the night, I was sound asleep when the alarm went off. I had been awake for a few moments during the night as I recall hearing the patter of raindrops upon the van and awning roofs. It didn’t last long and I wondered if the morning walk might be postponed. As it turned out, all was well and the rain had lasted only a few seconds.

I marshalled the troops and off we set across the moonlit field. Boris was with the main group even though he was at liberty to walk ahead if he’d wished. The moon was quite bright despite the intermittent clouds and the fact that it is waning at 53%. There were a few stars but, between the moon and the clouds, it was a waste of time. We walked over the rocks from the lagoon and then up to the cliffs. There we watched the eastern sky slowly brighten as the sun gradually arrived. All the dogs sat motionless staring into the distance.

We moved on then back to turn on the hot water for the showers and give Dave his breakfast. I took Charlie and Oskar out onto the Promontory again but this time there was no ball and I didn’t take my eyes off Dave. It’s quite hard to concentrate on looking at something continuously as my mind tends to wander and become distracted.

It was a bit far for Dave today as he appeared to be struggling on the homeward leg. He kept going but I could guess he wasn’t having the best time of his life. A walker appeared at one point, spotted the dogs, and tried to change direction undetected. Unfortunately, Oskar spotted him and ran after him barking. Oskar and I need to have a conversation about barking at walkers. Charlie went with him but uttered not a sound. He is much calmer than Oskar who is always expecting the sky to fall on his head.

The day quickly warmed up to a presentable 25.5C from a minimum of 13.7C. There were a few clouds but the sun did its best during the intervals. The forecast for next week appears to have reverted to its more pessimistic outlook with increasing rain from Sunday night onwards. This also includes the added joy of thunderstorms which bring particular delight. None of this may ever happen but the speculation is half the fun.

The dogs are now tucked up and I am continuing this at 18:45. Not bad really as I showered in the afternoon, fed and walked Dave whilst Xanthippos was out, and walked and fed all the others, before 19:00.

Other highlights of the day included trying to see why the CCTV recorder always refused my login. Not too much of a problem as I can login locally. Just easier if it was more cooperative. Some everso gentle organising of foodstuffs within including putting nuts, raisins, flax seeds and various beans into marked tins and plastic containers. I’ve not yet designated anywhere to store this stuff yet and, due to the continued absence of interior dogs, the seats are cluttered up with sundry containers.

My next task is to put some food together and contemplate some curried delight for tomorrow using one of the curry pastes so kindly brought by Ursula. I could always embark on the quinoa and bean curry…

And, as the title says, the flies are back with a vengeance. Pretty normal for the time of year as we’ve had rain and the days are still warm. A couple of cold nights will finish them off.

Which dog is the best at going to bed? Your suggestions please…


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  1. Going to bed … best dog? Boris – he is never out of it when its cool.
    Oskar was pretty quick…the system was different when I was there so things will be different …

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