Smells good!

Even Obi went out free on the morning walk. Usually, I let only Boris, Charlie and Oskar go out as they are marginally less stupid than the others. Obi did well and was there all the time with no hint of escaping off anywhere. He was attached on the return as I didn’t wish there to be any lapse given the customers in the camping.

Dave, Charlie and Oskar went for a walk around the Promontory and this time we came back to the compound via the Private Entrance. Dave was somewhat exhausted due to the length of the walk but he was still game enough.

I had to attend to the departing Germans with three motorhomes, one small cabin and one of the statics. Over 1,000€ for their stay. On the way back from the office, we put on the first of their 15kg washing machine loads.

Breakfast followed, another load of washing, and then my weekly telephone call. The next load of washing went in and the Germans’ area was adorned with lots of clothing hanging up to dry. My jokes of impending rain were unappreciated. I noticed I’d undercharged one of the stays by 55€ so had to shake them down for a little more. They were, fortunately, very understanding.

I considered going to the supermarket but decided I could survive without the trip. I soaked some beans for supper and prepared some elderly vegetables languishing in the fridge. My Grand Plan was three sorts of beans, the veg and onions, garlic and tomatoes. The beans were soaked and cooked first and then finished off later. It smells alright but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Dave and I went for a walk out onto Grammeno Beach, followed by the stony beach. There we sat on the shingle enjoying the sun and the wind watching the waves being chased up the beach. It was a very pleasant afternoon. Dave seemed interested in doing the entire round-the-block experience as opposed to the shorter route back across the field. He was quite tired when we got back to the camping.

More food preparation before the evening walk. Xanthippos was back early so I was expecting an equally early return. He warned me of people on the beach and also a white dog. I decided to take the safe approach and walk them along the stony beach towards Paleochora. It’s not a very good walk but better than nothing. A car came from the car park and stopped on the beach nearby. Out jumped two people and a white dog. It was the German woman who called me the other day to ask me to go to Anydri to sort out her telephone problem. Once I got the dogs to shut up, we had a conversation which somewhat delayed the walk. All the cars had now left the Promontory so I decided to go there in the end. Our walk took place in the dark a bit like in the morning. We all know our way around but Boris managed to lose his ball, perhaps with a little assistance from Oskar or Charlie. They amuse themselves by relocating the ball leaving Boris searching in vain.

Back to supper and bed.

To answer the question of who goes to bed the best, it’s Charlie. He eats his supper like a good boy then takes himself off to bed. You’ll find him curled up on a blanket in the larger crate with is nose tucked under his tail. He will make someone a great pet one day…


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