East wind

I didn’t really have much enthusiasm for jumping out of bed at 05:30 but that situation gradually changed. Obi had been released from the bondage of the SDC following several days of having to rough it with the riff-raff. He waited patiently for approval to jump up onto the seat when he came back into the van and quietly passed the evening by himself. Princess was in the storeroom this morning so I got her at the same time as I gave Dave his first medication of the day.

Obi was allowed to leave the SDC unaccompanied with Boris, Oskar and Charlie. The Promontory was deserted of humans and the sky was clear and filled with stars. The moon is down to only 32% so it’s now possible to see stars again. I watched Venus rise with Mars in the lead. I think Jupiter was there too. Mars is a lot smaller than Jupiter but also a lot nearer, so tends to cancel Jupiter out. There was another body later and I have yet to find out what that is.

We came back in reasonable order although Obi had been noticeable by his absence throughout the walk. I’m afraid it’s back to square one with him as he will join Princess in the Chaperone Club. Limited freedom except on the long lead. Obi was to be found wandering along the beach when I looked out from atop one of the vantage points of the Promontory. Later to be strolling around the camping. The Germans left today so now remain only the French couple and sundry Albanians in rooms at the reception building. It is less of a problem for Obi to be in the camping but he still fails to understand the concept of a walk where we all walk together on the same route.

Dave went for his Promontory stroll accompanied by Obi and Oskar. Charlie was not allowed to come today as he dallied on the way back along with Fido. Both of those two and Obi missed out on breakfast this morning too. Obi was already in the camping which is why he came along. Dave’s walk was shorter today but we also completed another two walks since then. He seems really up for walks at the moment. Perhaps he’s making up for lost time during the summer?

Increasing wind gusting to Beaufort 6 at times

The wind got up when we arrived back and has been increasing throughout the day


According to the Windfinder forecast, backed up by Weather Underground, it will be quite windy until tomorrow morning. There is a lot of flapping of awning tent and crashing of the sea as I write. The wind is from the east so I can hear the sea quite plainly from the east beach. The forecast rain looks as though it will be mostly confined to tomorrow with nothing of significance for the two following days.

Maria emailed to say that Georgia is on her way. I understood that she was going to arrive on Saturday and be at the camping for all of Sunday. Seems her plans have changed as it’s now 16:00 and I don’t think she’s here yet.

Dave has just been given his pre-meal evening tablet and Georgia is, as far as I can see, not in the camping. Xanthipos’ motorbike is in the camping so he might be out walking the dogs already.

Georgia appeared and we had a walk around the camping to discuss possible locations for the deposed static vans.  She also explained the complexity of regulations regarding clearing land and cutting trees. Apparently, there are very strict rules concerning permissible property density on a site and the retention of trees and shrubs. If the proposed land acquisition proceeds, there will be a significant amount of work required and permissions to be obtained.

She tells me she plans to go back to Bulgaria to order the new wooden chalets in the next couple of weeks. The type and density of wood has yet to be decided. I should imagine this will have a distinct effect on the durability of the buildings. They will look good especially if she goes ahead with the removal of the overhead tubular shading.

The caravan which has been parked at the edge of the stony beach has disappeared. I saw someone by it when I went round with Dave and noticed its departure when returning after the evening walk which passed without a problem. It was getting dark but still light enough to see. Blowy it certainly was but enjoyable nonetheless.

This evening’s repast will be an action-replay of yesterday but with rice added to make it go further. I seem to have been hungry yesterday. Tomorrow will require a supermarket visit as the cupboard is getting bare of certain essentials.

There is a lot of noise outside due to the wind. I think Dave and Fido have the right location tonight.


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