Sprouting up all over the place

A lie-in this morning until 06:00! My alarm woke me at 05:30 but it looked particularly uninteresting outside and none of the dogs was moving. I set myself a timer for 30 minutes and enjoyed the comfort of my bed a little longer. When I finally surfaced I was pleased that it hadn’t been raining recently and didn’t look as though it might, at least for a while.

The lagoon was pretty full as the strong easterly wind had been bashing the sea against the rocks. We managed to go along the rocks as it was possible to pass the break-over place without being washed away. It was quite nice not to have to be out when it was completely dark too. The sky was nevertheless threatening so I didn’t stay out longer than needed. Only Luis and Oskar were allowed to walk home alone today as the others have become a little unreliable recently by extending the walk at their convenience.

I noticed Georgia had come back to the camping. She had a busy day taking Manolis to the hospital yesterday. She probably decided that she didn’t fancy driving all the way back to Chania last night. I didn’t speak to her and she was gone when I looked later. I saw the Russians when I went out with Dave but they had also left when I looked at the end of the morning.

I was working on Inter Sport’s server today and noticed the sky darkening alarmingly so I decided to nip out to the loo before the rain fell. There was no thunder but considerably more rain than was forecast. 5mm as opposed to 0.62. The downpour didn’t last for long but was quite hard at times. The dogs all managed to find somewhere to shelter although Fido and Obi stood out under the trees for a while. There are enough houses for them all not to have to share if required.

The grey and miserable sky was eventually replaced by some sunnier intervals. Enough to dry up the decking and the sand. I also took Dave for a reverse wander around the block where we came in via the Private Entrance into the SDC. He seemed in good form today, probably as the weather was cooler.

I’ve made progress with the servers and dealt with some other calls as well, making the day quite productive. It has not been cold although the door was closed to prevent the rain from coming into the awning tent. I’m still sitting in the chair by the door rather than huddled in the corner on the padded chair.

Today’s high is 21.5C which is not too bad considering the rain. It was chilly this morning with a low of 14.4C. The forecast for the next few days looked like this earlier

Earlier forecast
Morning temperatures

The rain amounts have since moderated so it might not be as bad as it might seem.

The evening walk was a bit dark due to a later departure with a correspondingly later return. Strangely, there was no one out on the Promontory but a local lad had been out on a powerful off-road bike earlier and churned up the sand on the beach and Promontory.

Obi was let off this evening but managed to be present at the end of the walk. He also is the only dog inside tonight. Hopefully, he can continue his good behaviour to remain in favour.

One interesting effect of the recent rain is that everything is growing like mad. The flowers are shooting up everywhere and areas of the camping and even the beach are becoming green with little sprouting grasslings! Everything is sprouting.


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