Vizsla on the beach

Awake before the alarm so we were out on time. The moon is fading fast so there was little light and almost no stars. A motorhome was parked in the Grammeno Beach car park. But nothing stirred within as we came past.

We didn’t go along the rocks and the lagoon was fuller than yesterday. The sky was very dark making dawn come a lot later. They had a good run around and then we went back.

Dave was next out for his constitutional on the beach. We were both wandering on the shingle beach when a huge, loppy Vizla suddenly appeared. He was only young and had half an ear missing. Other than that, he was soppy and friendly. I could see that the part ear had been surgically removed fairly recently as there were still stitches and his foreleg was shaved for a catheter. He followed us for a bit and then he wandered off back towards the motorhome.

The alarm at Cedar Bay Villas was going off for a long time so I decided to investigate. It had been going on-and-off for an hour or so. I went out the Private Exit and could not see any vehicles in the CBV car park so continued round to the main gate where I discovered a phone number which I duly noted on my mobile. Passing the motorhome, I could see the Vizsla lying in the shade and a man sitting by the door. I called over to him and it transpired it was a group of three men on a watersports trip. They had a trailer behind the motorhome with boards and sails. Obviously windsurfers. The guy told me they came from Iraklion and had come to Grammeno to windsurf however it was the wrong kind of wind. I suggested a beach further along the coast and we chatted about his dog. It had been with him only four days and had simply walked into his life. The ear wound was from another dog and he’d taken him to the vet to get him fixed up. I mentioned that a pure Vizsla might be worth 1,000€ and he feared that, as the dog was so soppy, anyone could take him.

They left for the right kind of wind and I called the managers of CBV to tell them about their bloody alarm. After a while, someone came to turn it off and there was a bit more noise later. Perhaps a technician had been called to fix it. Or reprogramme it with an axe!

An annoying drip from around the large skylight caused me to go onto the van roof today. Now all three hinges to the perspex window have failed. I removed the failed hinges and painted more waterproofing paint around the place. I will have to commission Antonis to make me something from metal to replace the hinges.

I worked with computers again today until it was time for the evening walk. I slipped off for a lovely hot shower around four.

It appears that Xanthippos was not walking when there was a risk of rain as he was walking Georgia’s dogs again this evening. Maybe he’s made of sugar? I asked if there were people about and he said the place was deserted other than some young lad playing with a remote-controlled toy on the paving outside Ammos Bar.

Our walk was uneventful and blustery but we got to walk along the rocks without being swept away. You can see the waves in the daylight but it’s harder in the dark.

Obi has been a good boy despite being free on the outward morning walk today. He has attentively followed the others without sloping off elsewhere.

Fido still hasn’t quite got the message and started to whine when put to bed in the large crate. I left him for a few minutes before unceremoniously deporting him to the small box in the storeroom with Dave. That’ll learn ‘im!

Earlier, there was a strange noise followed by a bang. I couldn’t work out what it was so wandered around the dogs. Boris was flaked out in his house oblivious to the light I was shining on him, as was Dave in the storeroom. All the others seemed ok so I came back inside. Maybe it will become apparent tomorrow.

It’s still 20C at 20:19 which probably explains why all the dogs are flaked out following thier meat night meal. Today’s high is 23.5C and the low 19.9C.

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