It’s not cold

Plenty of stars to look at as well as the final bit of the moon. It was windy again and the sea was quite annoyed. We didn’t walk along the rocks but had a good walk until it got light and Boris got fed up fetching his ball. No dramas or excitements.

The morning was sunny and warm so Dave and I went to the beach for a little potter returning via the Private Entrance. The motorhome which appeared in the night still showed no signs of life. No Vizslas today!

I contemplated the possibility of a trip to the supermarket but finally decided that there wasn’t really enough of a need to make it worthwhile. I received a response from Maria, the owner of Cedar Bay Villas, as I emailed her to say that the lights around the buildings were all off when I passed earlier. She said she knew. Normally, the place is lit up like Blackpool Illuminations.

I contacted Antonis to make sure he’d received my messages regarding needles for Dave and umbrellas for Georgia, sent on Sunday. For some reason, the messages had not managed to get to him but he will hopefully bring some needles tomorrow. He gave me a quote for umbrellas to give to Georgia. These are the umbrellas that go on the beach for the punters to sit under to stop their drinks getting warm. Georgia feels there are insufficient umbrellas and loungers so the punters are going to Ammon Beach Bar or the one on the stony beach. She intends to put out more chairs and nicer umbrellas for next season. The present umbrellas have seen better days, are coloured fabric and don’t really fit in with the general ambience of the camping. She wants nice leafy umbrellas with wooden posts.

I did things with computers again however not quite the things I had originally intended. I seem to have managed to pass the day without progressing the most important task.

A strange man accompanied by three threatening-looking dogs appeared on the other side of the wooden fence separating me from Janne and Erica. Interestingly, it was my dogs making all the racket although I felt it was rather muted considering the potential or perceived threat level. Georgia’s dogs behave nicely when they are with Xanthippos as he is strict with them not allowing any nonsense.He came to inform me that they had been walked early and would then be fed. He also provided a report as to who was on the various beaches. Getting him trained at last!

Lau has spent a lot of the day drinking beer with his German friend Tassos. Tassos is not his real name but his adopted Greek name. They like to drink beer and talk deeply about things. They tried to encourage me to join them but I had dogs to walk and things to do so declined their generous offer. They were both ‘quite relaxed’ so it might have been amusing.

Just as I was giving Dave another wander, my phone rang and a German couple in a motorhome arrived in the camping. They apparently passed by on their bicycles yesterday to suss the place out but have now decided to stay. They have not indicated how long that might be.

The dogs are all fed and in bed, the water heater for the showers is turned off and my blog is written: all before 19:30!

Time for some food!


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