Funny weather

A certain small dog called Five was running around the camping last night barking. My blissful slumbers stopped being so blissful at around 03:00 although I did manage to get back to sleep after a while. I was fast asleep when my alarm went off so I was wondering what the buzzing and vibrating was on my wrist. Eventually, I woke up to discover it was my alarm. I had inadvertently switched off the sound so only the vibration was working.

We were out a little late but had good fun anyway. There were stars, although Venus was hidden behind the bank of clouds which seems to linger by the mountains to the east. I think I saw her in the end but the sun’s rays were making it a little difficult. There was also just a little tiny sliver of a moon but you’d need to look carefully.

We went along the rocks and crossed over to the other side where the rocks are higher. Oskar had been a bit barky this morning so was attached to Princess. A couple of mornings he has been eager. I have a feeling there are strays about as there is a certain amount of tension. It probably explains why Five has been a bit noisy. I suggested to Maria that we block off the bar entrance and close the gates to the beach to prevent strays from coming into the camping.

I decided to venture into Paleochora this morning as I was running low on breakfast material. I have continued the Ursula fruit salad tradition as I suspect it’s a lot better than eating a load of bread and jam. There is a certain requirement for fresh fruit, nuts and berries and Petrakis has a bigger range and a faster turnover of stock.

The journey back from Petrakis in Paleochora.

I also visited the dentist to make an appointment for next Tuesday at 09:45. It has been a while since I have visited him. He was pleased to see me as I think it’s a bit quiet in the run-up to Christmas as everyone is saving their money. He took out his computerised booking system and turned the page to Tuesday. He doesn’t come to Paleochora on Monday so that was the first appointment.

Back at Grammeno, I decided to have a shower after my cycle ride as it was sunny and the water was hot. Then some breakfast consisting of: half a grapefruit, one orange, one banana, two plums, goji berries, raisins, almonds and walnuts. All topped off with a soaked mixture of chia seeds and flax (AKA linseed).


My breakfast

Better than half a loaf of bread I suspect. If I’m still feeling hungry, I have a couple of slices of flat, rye bread or a few rusks with something on them. I have discovered that Taxini (Tahini) with sundried tomatoes is very nice on rye bread. Also very filling. No need to eat for a long time after that.

The rest of the day seems to have slipped away with a bit of work, walking Dave around the block and managing Lau’s little friend Tassos, of whom I spoke recently. The aforementioned followed Dave and I down to the beach gate before engaging me is a conversation which amazingly was coherent at times. Mostly a series of contradictions but then Tassos can’t hold his beer like Lau and goes all soppy. He sat down to pet Dave and then sort of slumped into a heap when I left. Xanthippos found him still there later only to be woken once the rain began to ever so slightly dampen the earth around him. Xanthippos had been commissioned by Georgia to capture and tether Five so that we’d not have a repeat performance of this morning.

I walked and fed the dogs and put them to bed. Boris, I put in the storeroom with Dave as thunder had been forecast. As it happens, I’m not sure the thunder will materialise until tomorrow morning but Boris seemed quite happy to sleep in the big bed on the concrete floor. Not cold tonight anyway. Dave is in his house at the other end of the storeroom and never the twain shall meet since Boris is tied to a very heavy bench by a thick rope. He can’t be bothered anyway I suspect.

The rain was only a few spots but now Oskar has been deported from the comfort of the van to the large wire crate. His own doing as he decided to go out of the door as I came in. I then tracked him down and shoved him into the cage. I was not planning to use that cage as I suspect it’s not very waterproof.


Enough of this rambling!





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