Rainy day Saturday but sun in the afternoon

There was a certain amount of squeaking going on at about 05:15 this morning. I could tell that Luis was having some sort of gastric emergency. I donned my coat and went out into the rain to let him out into the compound.I was relieved to see that he was relieved. Whilst I was there, I decided to let Fido out as well. It was raining at this point but I could see that we could still go out nonetheless. Having dragged my clothes on I went over to let Boris out and give Dave his first tablet of the day. Boris is still a soppy bugger, despite his age, and was bouncing around full of joy. Dave seemed a little bit creaky this morning after his misadventure yesterday.

I got all the others out and we set off into the gloom to enjoy our walk. It was indeed gloomy although there were some stars in the sky. There was no wind though which was a bonus. I could see that there were a lot of clouds so didn’t wish to hang about longer than needed. We got back in good time so I was able to feed them and put Boris back into the storeroom as I thought it might thunder. Down came the rain! I could see Obi standing under the ‘porch’ of the large house getting soaked. There are plenty of houses so I’m not sure why he decided not to use one of them. I brought Obi into the awning, dried him off with a grotty towel, and gave him a blanket to lie on. He sat and shivered for a bit but soon warmed up.

Maria phoned to tell me that Georgia was extremely unhappy that Xanthippos had found a drunken Tassos sprawled in the entrance gateway to the beach. She asked me to speak to Lau to tell him that Tassos was now banned from the camping and that he would be asked to leave if a similar event should occur in the future.

Following my Saturday phone call, I went to walk Dave around the block and give him his medication. He was certainly struggling at this point and I feared we’d never get back to the camping. Not before the next lot of rain fell at least! As it turned out we did but poor Dave was struggling. He seems ok now and managed to eat his food without any problem. He has Boris to keep him company tonight.

There was a little thunder but Boris did not respond. He only really gets excited if there is a loud crash overhead. His hearing is not as good as it used to be anyway. Or is he just deaf when it suits him?

The rain is pouring down as I write this so I may have to rescue Oskar from the large crate as I don’t know how waterproof it is. Better to get him now than have to go out in the middle of the night. I did a little work on that crate this morning as the strap holding down the cover had snapped because of the effects of sunlight on the material. The small crate and the other houses are pretty good I think. The Antonis houses should be able to survive anything.

Up until I started writing this blog, 10mm rain had fallen so far today. The score is now 12.2mm and rising. Also, the rain is bucketing down. Poor Oscar must be getting damp! He got the shitty end of the stick as the others had grabbed the premium accommodation. The SDC must be flooded by now but the houses are all on pallets so it would need to be very severe to get that deep. Boris and Dave have the best accommodation tonight as the storeroom is unlikely ever to flood. In the van, the leak around the large skylight has not produced anything so far. I’m a bit annoyed that all three hinges of that skylight have broken off in under four years. Antonis will knock something up no doubt.

Xanthippos appeared brandishing a portable telephone which was ringing down in Georgia’s bungalow. It was out of range but they called again. I German woman wanted one of the vans for a night. Xanthippos went to check one was ready. The woman said they’d be an hour or so. The rain had stopped so I took the dogs for a quick trip around the Promontory. Halfway round I received a call to say they’d arrived. Fortunately, I’d taken the precaution of leaving the key in the cabin door and told them to let themselves in. I went round later to take some ID and to see they had everything they needed.

Now 17.4mm rain but Oskar has said nothing. Obi has a pretty good thing going on as he sits snuggled up next to me washing his feet.

Time for some food I think as it’s now 20:00

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